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Taking a bite out of.... Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs


TOC:   So tell us a little more about your writing Tammie. What books do you currently have for sale and what genre do you prefer to write in?

Tammie:  I have two novels currently, and I'm working on two additional titles. ISLAND OF SECRETS is a Time Travel Romantic Gothic, and THE COUNTERFEIT is a Historical Western Romantic Suspense. If I had to choose a favorite genre, it would be difficult because I just love to write, but I tend to mix genres and themes so that what I write is different from the norm. No matter what genre I'm writing in I always have to have some suspense built in. I write books like I enjoy reading, and I don't enjoy predictable plots. I would rather read a book by an author who took a chance on a somewhat plausible plot than read one where I can tell from the beginning how it's going to end. I realize that not all readers share my view in regard to that, but it's the way I feel. I really love when an author steps out of the comfort zone in an effort to entertain readers in a unique way. I'll always support those authors regardless of whether their story is always plausible... It is fiction, right? When it comes to fantasy, I'm not sure rules should apply.

TOC:   It seems like you've been extremely busy this year with creating your own book promotion business and the Freebies for writers. Tell us a little more about your sites and what you hope to accomplish with them.

Tammie:  It has been a busy year as I've explored the many ways I feel I can help other authors that are struggling making the transition from aspiring to professional. Even in the world of traditional publishing there really is no one guidebook or course you can take that tells you how to overcome the jitters and get on with your career. Since I've weathered that storm already and have a combined background in local publishing and graphic arts sometimes it's just difficult NOT to try to help. I guess you could say I have a big heart when it comes to other authors and a desire to see them succeed as I have. The website if anyone is interested in help with marketing, book covers or blog design is

TOC:  You redid the cover for A Night at Tears of Crimson, and it's phenomenal. How did you get involved with doing book covers?

Tammie:  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design both of my first novels covers. I've been in offline advertising for years and doing covers is really just an extension of that. Before there was a Kindle I marketed several non-fiction titles and did very well with them over the years. Recently, I saw the opportunity to share my vision of a few friends' series books and they just sort of clicked.

  I noticed your book Island of Secrets is still doing great on Amazon, what is it about that book that seems to continue holding the reader's attention?

Tammie:  ISLAND OF SECRETS just has a like it or hate sort of thing. If you read any of the reviews it's obvious that some people "get" it and others clearly don't. I was intrigued by a story in a local family history book, and that story grew and grew into what I consider a sweeping look at fate and love and those forces that struggle against true love. It's a different book. I combined time-travel and gothic elements together to form a unique sort of book that just continues to find an audience as more and more readers read and share about it. I believe that marketing plays such an important part in the success of any book. Having a professional cover, a good blurb and a sample that pulls people into the story immediately are all fundamental.

TOC: The Counterfit was an incredible book, tell us more about how you came up with the idea for this book. 

Tammie:  THE COUNTERFEIT was going to be my fun book. It was originally written for the Harlequin Historical line, but over time and as the book developed I realized that it was much more than what I'd originally started out to write. The general concept for the novel came from hours of pouring over family histories and period nonfiction. I love to look at the old photos and on one such occasion, I came across the name Jeremy Loud, and it just seemed to be different and I adopted it for my hero. I've also always been intrigued about the mostly unknown origins of the Secret Service. Few people realize their main function in the beginning was to bring counterfeiters to justice and not to guard the President. I have to say that the characters wrote the entire last third of the book with little to no input from me. LOL.

TOC:   What are you currently working on and when can we expect a new book debut?

Tammie:  I'm currently working on a non-fiction title that will be of special interest to newly published authors. That book should be out within the next couple of weeks. In addition, I'm also working on a new paranormal ( the beginning of a series) and a new historical in follow-up to THE COUNTERFEIT.

TOC:   Outside of writing, "What do you enjoy doing with your free time?"

Tammie:  That's a good question. I've often joked that I don't have hobbies that don't generate income. What I mean by that is that I really enjoy all of my jobs. Once upon a time I loved to horseback ride, and it's one of my goals to start again. There really is no better feeling than riding with the wind in your hair across a field of green or walking slowly down a worn but wooded path. I also enjoy photography and would love to devote more time to exploring all those places I hope to take my characters in the years to come. I love to explore, shop antique shops and out of the way places most other people have no use for. If you said that I was eclectic, you'd be right.

TOC:    Could you tell our readers where to find out more about your work?

Tammie:  I'd love for them to visit me online at any and all of the places I frequent: @tammiegibbs on Twitter You can reach my blog and Facebook pages through links on my website. They can also email me with comments or questions at

TOC:    Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic business to sit down and talk with us. Before you leave do you have any advice for new authors?

Tammie:  If I had to give advice to a new author, I guess it would be dual advice. If you aspire to write you must write, putting all doubts aside. Only when you conquer the page and complete your first story or novel will you truly have a sense for whether this is the life for you. Remember that many aspire, but few are willing to put the work into their goal that is required. If you are already published but perhaps overwhelmed, take heart because the hardest part is over, you've written a book, and it's out there. Now it's time to embrace another role and make sure that you're giving your work of art the best possible chance by making sure it's marketed correctly. I know it's scary, but it's really not that bad and will pay off in dividends for many years.

Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise…
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THE COUNTERFEIT Historical Romantic Fiction (Midwestern)
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What if you received a note of warning dated hundreds of years before you were born? 
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