Friday, September 14, 2012

All the Damn Vampires - Emma Meade

All the Damn Vampires

When I discovered the world of Twitter and book promotion less than a year ago, the first person I remember ‘meeting’ was Michelle Hughes. I stumbled across the Tears of Crimson website and actually thought it was a real, vampire-themed bar in New Orleans!  Michelle was kind enough to allow me to send her my short story collection, Night Sighs to hear her thoughts.  Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Michelle on Twitter, Facebook and via her blog.  I also went on to read her fantastic book, A Night at Tears of Crimson and found myself wanting to be in Cara’s place, working at the bar in New Orleans and living an exciting life among the vampires.

I’ve always been fascinated by the supernatural. There was a book of short stories lying around the house when I was a kid called Eerie Tales, which I read time and time again. It had a spooky cover and all the tales were set in Ireland, where I was born, grew up and still live. I’m not sure when it was that I noticed the book had disappeared, but I was gutted. I missed the old familiar, worn copy, devoured over and over by a young girl eager to be scared and thrilled. I’ve searched online for the book but haven’t been able to find it.

The Point Horror collection became my obsession when I was maybe ten years old. That obsession would continue throughout my early teenage years. It wasn’t just ghosts and vampires anymore, I discovered a world where mummies came back to life (The Mummy by Barbara Steiner), psychos stalked young girls and hid them away in rooms under the local shopping mall (The Mall by Richie Tankersley Cusick), teenagers played nasty games on fellow classmates (The Invitation by Diane Hoh), others liked to participate in a deadly round of freeze tag (Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney) and shadow men hunted human women (The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith).

Is it any wonder my own writing focuses almost exclusively on the paranormal! I have just released my own YA novel, Under the Desert Moon, a teenage coming-of-age story that features my very own, bad boy, vampire, James Linkin.  James swaggers into Copperfield, Arizona with the rest of the cast and crew for the movie they’re shooting, Kiss of the Vampire. Small town girl, Erin Harris is one of the few left unimpressed by his arrogance. James is going to have to work a little harder than usual if he wants to win Erin over.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Emma! It was really great having you hang out with us today and I can't wait to read Under the Desert Moon, looks like a GREAT book!


  2. Enjoyed reading this, Emma! As a young girl, I was never one for the paranormal where reading is concerned funny enough (lived on romance books), but loved all movies were they horror, zombies, vampires and all good things paranormal. My first 'real' paranormal series was Twilight. From there I've been devouring loads of books in this genre, and along with the wide variety of genres I love, this has become one of my favourites.

    Thanks for this post, Michelle.

    So awesome that 'Under the Desert Moon' has been released. I wish you loads of luck with it, Emma!


  3. Thanks, Sandra.
    Twilight brought so many people to the paranormal genre. I loved Twilight;I have to read the books once a year. Must go read them again before Breaking Dawn comes out in November.


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