Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding New Shows, Years Later

Is is just me, or do you also find yourself discovering  a new series, only to discover it's been on for years?  Falling Skies is my latest discovery, and I have to ask how in the world did I miss this one?  I mean aliens invading earth and I miss it, come on!  I found this one thanks to Amazon Prime, and I have to say it's incredible.  Imagine alien invasion, the human race fighting to survive, tons of action and enough drama to even keep a romantic watching, then you have Falling Skies.

I did the same thing with the Walking Dead and Lost.  I mean sure I'd heard about both those shows (unlike Falling Skies) but never really thought I'd enjoy them.  All it took was watching the season premiere for both of them, and I was hooked!  I have to admit it's kind of nice not to have to sit through the commercials when you watch them on Amazon or Netflix.

Now this one might be a shocker, but when Vampire Diaries came out, I really didn't like it.  The first season I watched two shows then stuck up my nose.  This year I went back and watched from the beginning and now don't miss a Thursday night.  I know this is going to break Eric's heart, but I like Vampire Diaries more  than True Blood!  The writing behind this series is what really pulled me in.  Ball, so sorry, but the way he portrayed Sookie, Eric, and Bill just made me want to hurl and the story-lines became so cheesy that I forced myself to watch just to look at Alexander Skarsgard.  Vampire Diaries has the great plot line, yes you can stone me now.  True Blood gets a last chance with me this year because they have a new director.  I don't know if he plans on fixing the mess Ball made of this show, but I'll chance it.

Another big shocker is I've fallen away from American Idol.  I thought that show was incredible when it first began, but without Simon, meh, it's just not as much fun for me.  Sure I still think it's great that unknown talent gets picked up, but bring back the drama.  Oddly enough I couldn't make myself get interested in Simon's other show the Voice, and I tried.

Who knows maybe I'm going through an almost midlife crisis?  Lately my entertainment needs have changed.  So what's caught your eye so far?  Maybe you can fill me in so I don't have to wait and find it on Netflix a few years from now!

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