Friday, February 22, 2013

I Like Virgins! Sue Me!

There's something very exciting about writing a characters first romantic experience.  I've tried to pinpoint why I'm so fascinated with the innocence of a heroine in a book, and have completely given up.  I like to write about it, read about it, and have gotten to the point if that's not included in the book I don't want to give it a chance.

Some of you might remember a song called Strawberry Wine?  I fell in love with that song for one reason, and maybe it goes along with my love of a great virgin/alpha male romance.  The reminiscing about a time in life when love was new and so were the emotions that stunned your heart and mind.  For myself, there was nothing more memorable than my first love and that journey into the world of the unknown desires.  Granted my first lover and I parted ways many many years ago, and that's a time in my life that was meant to come to an end, but the thoughts of what it felt like to have that nervous anticipation have never left my memories.

Years went by and making love lost the innocence, but by writing out the scenarios in new books, I allow myself to capture those feelings again.  It's the same for me when I read another persons journey into the world of desire.  In the end maybe we all want to keep a small part of our youth and for me reading about virgins allows me that walk down memory lane.

Why on earth would I decide to write about this today?  I just read a review on one of books, where the reviewer asked what on earth has happened to erotic books, and why do they all seem to have virgins lately.  I thought instead of writing the reviewer I'd answer in a blog post.  Everyone has a different fantasy that makes them want to delve into certain books.  Obviously mine is noted here, and I find I have a very hard time writing about heroines that aren't innocent.  The only exception to that rule is if the female was abused in the past, then in my mind her first time would be with the person she chose even if she no longer had the label of virginity.

I like Virgins, so sue me!  But seriously, if you're looking for something different, you probably won't find them in my writings unless they are part of a sequel.  I've been asked before to write a book with a co-author but turned it down.  I like innocence, it appeals to me, therefore I write what I love.
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