Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looking For a Great Romance Song

We're looking for the music for the video book trailer of Angela's Salvation.  We decided this time we'd do things a little differently and hopefully promote a new band or vocalist and open up their chances to shine.  A few rules about submitting work to Tears of Crimson for this promotion:

1.  The music and vocals must be original and you must hold the copyright.  By sending material in, you agree that you have the necessary rights to allow us to use the song for video production.

2.  Consider the theme of the book (detailed below) since this is a romance novel, it makes sense that heavy metal and rap for this book would not be a good fit.  It's not that we don't enjoy that type of music, it just won't fit our project this time.

3.  Deadline for accepting submissions will be March 1,2013.  If we don't have a submission that we approve of by that date, we will go with a backup track from our other sources.

This is the opportunity to have your music promoted on our site, as well as on Amazon and Goodreads where we post book trailers.  Please address your submission in the following way, RE:  Song Submission
we get thousands of emails a day and don't want yours getting lost because we didn't see the subject line.

If a suitable song choice is submitted, then we will post the bio information for the band or artist responsible for the creation on the video itself, as well as on the book site we submit too.

Angela's Salvation Blurb:

Angela's audition for the nationally televised showcase, Overnight Sensation, is her chance to finally rise above her abusive childhood and gain the elusive dream of musical stardom.  With all she's suffered, the opportunity of a lifetime is within her grasp.

Nolan Fitzgerald is the owner of the most recognized recording company in the United States and the producer for Overnight Sensation.  He's immediately drawn to Angela's talent, and knows with his help she'll be an overnight sensation. But he has a secret of his own that may just push Angela past her fragile limits of trust.

Can  two shattered hearts find love in the explosive music industry, and will it be enough to overcome the past insecurities of pain and deception?  


After suffering years of abuse at her stepfathers hands, Angela runs away to find freedom from the torture.  Arriving in New York, she lives on the street until she meets Rachel, who offers her a place to live and a new start in life.  After years of getting her life back together, Angela auditions for the nationally televised show, Overnight Sensation and has the opportunity to change her life forever.

She is introduced to Nolan Fitzgerald, producer and record label owner who has his own skeletons in his closet.  The story is about rising above incredible odds and finding the chance for fame and possibly even a happily ever after.  


  1. I hope the book does well and congratulations on the new release.

  2. Thanks so much Brian! I wanted to put this out there, since the book actually centers around a singer finding her dream, thought it might be a cool concept.



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