Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 Day Countdown - Romance Book Club

Three hours of sleep a night for the last week as we get ready to debut Romance Book Club!  Last minute edits, the third cover change, and formatting tweaks, that's been the insanity at Tears of Crimson.  Doing things the right way, is definitely not the easy way.  We decided to give a little inside peek of what work goes into preparing a book for print and electronic media.  Basically, we just wanted our friends to understand why we weren't spending more time socializing!

The cover had our focus for most of that time.  There was an image we wanted to portray with this book that took a little tweaking to get right.  Five seconds, that's the average length of time you have to catch someones attention.  The cover has to pop, and give a generalized idea about the story inside.  That's our opinion.

Romance Book Club started with a rough draft, then went through a professional critique.  After that critique, the book was basically rewritten.  Then the line edits came in.  We're all very impressed with the editor, she went above and beyond what was expected.  So with the line edits, there were also mentions of what needed to be improved in the sidelines.  Basically, this included almost another complete rewrite.  The end result?  A story that flows, without interruption.

Formatting, not just for electronic media, but paperback.  Our motto, if you're going to spend all the time to have a great story and kick arse cover, skimping on the formatting just makes no sense.  This may be the best book to be released from our library, and that's not ego talking, it's knowing that we've taken the time to utilize the professionals in the industry that have more knowledge.

We're really excited to share the topic of Romance Book Club.  It's a unique perspective, and again in our opinion, something that's needed to be shown in a romantic light.  There is one alpha male who can't wait to share his story!  All we can say before the reveal is that this is one steamy romance that might change your mind about alpha males in general.  We hope you've already signed up to be part of the reveal starting May 10th, if you haven't, let us encourage you to do so now.

To be part of the reveal you can either be a book reviewer or blogger.  We'll be giving the unseen cover, book blurb, and depending on whether or not you review, ARC's.  Blogger's can click the Romance Book Club tab at the top of the page, reviewers can click the TOC Mail button and drop us a line.  We are all looking forward to sharing the story!  Hurry up May 15th!

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