Monday, May 6, 2013

Nook Press - Crimson Love

Nook Press

Sharing some Crimson Love with this ingenious idea from Nook for publishers.  We gave this new tool a test drive today and the results were amazing.  Formatting for ePub has just gotten 100% easier.  So why are we so impressed?  For years we've had to fidget with outside programs to upload our work to Nook.  It was a royal pain in the arse, and was just time consuming.

What's different now?  Nook Press allows you to upload your document, and lay out the format directly on the screen.  You can add in a Table of Contents with ease, and see exactly what the reader will.  It can be a word doc. which is a huge positive for us.  The options to create your own title or dedication page, with the opportunity to see how it will appear, is another huge plus for the folks at Nook Press.  

This is an idea that's long overdo.  Making things easier and showing an onscreen layout is the perfect combination.  If you've already got a pubIt account, switching over is very basic.  If you don't, then creating one is worth it.  We're sold on Nook Press, and just wanted to share the love today!  Thanks for a great new service!

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