Thursday, June 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Sin

I had a great question asked today about why I titled the new release Sin, and decided to give a little background.  First let me say that I have nothing against the world of Erotic Dancing.  This may brood some argument, but I don't see the difference between modeling, beauty contests, and erotic dancing.  The majority of strip clubs only allow topless and well breasts ... I don't see them as this huge sexual thing, I'm sure a few men would disagree with me on this!

I've had friends in my life that chose this profession as a side job to make extra money, and I can tell  you that they weren't bad people.  I've known my share of male erotic dancers (friends) as well and it's a job to them.  Yes, erotic dancers tempt people, but so do books and models, etc.  I'm getting off topic, but wanted to make it VERY clear that I don't have negative views of strippers.

So back to Sin!  The story follows college student, Anya.  She's struggling to make ends meet and her best friend Kera, who works as an erotic dancer, gets her an interview with the club she works at.  Anya isn't thinking about stripping for a living, she's only looking to waitress.  Anya has some preconceived notions about the world of dancing topless, even though she doesn't look down on her friend.

Anya meets Sin the owner, and he's unlike any other man she's known before.  He's rude, abrasive, egotistical but also drop-dead gorgeous.  He scares the hell out of her, but at the same time she's discovering  he has this appeal that calls to the bad girl in her she never thought lived inside.   Anya is the good girl.  She's always done the right thing, followed a life of strict morals, and here's Sin tempting her with his bad boy attitude while telling her that he doesn't sleep with his girls.

Anya sees the money her friend is able to make while dancing, and the temptations increase.  She makes the decision to dance and this is where the story truly begins.  Sin was a former male review dancer and he offers to teach her.  He is only thinking about the money she can make him.  Erotic dance lessons and a man that doesn't do relationships.

Sin is a hard ass.  That's the only way to explain him.  Women in his life are just for his pleasure, and he's got some pretty dark ideas about what pleasure means to him.  He's confronted with this girl next door who doesn't know crap about life or her own body and shouldn't even be working in his bar, much less as a stripper.

So in a long explanation, that's how the book came by it's name.  His name is Sin and the things he makes Anya feel, well to her they are sinful.  It was a fun book to write even though I've used every curse word I knew!

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