Saturday, June 8, 2013

Growing Up Around Alexander Skarsgard?

If you've been hanging around Tears of Crimson for any length of time, you know we have some major fan love for Alexander Skarsgard.  As in, we think he's the cat's meow, he's the VILF, the hottest thing since... okay you get the point!  His interview with Conan Wednesday was a fangasm!  Okay we really weren't paying much attention to what he had to say, let's be honest that sexy smile makes thinking impossible! Yes  we were hanging over the couches at the TOC mansion, drooling over every delicious second we were given. And of course when the naked word came through those lips, we perked up.

Apparently the sexy Alexander doesn't mind nudity, because dad like to cook in the buff.  We have to wonder what it would have been like being friends with a teenage Alexander.   We would have encouraged him to be a lot more like his dad!  Seriously though, I hope his father forgives him for the small comment.  I admit there was a lot of giggling going on around the mansion from the men on that confession.  Sure he was talking about the stove, but our minds are dirty.

Since we're talking about our favorite viking, let us be real clear who WE think should be the sensational Christian.  You guessed it, Alexander!  Now don't take this wrong, Ian is a gorgeous little sexpot but when it comes to yanking our chain for that role, there's no contest.  Let's refer to his Calvin Klein ad, and leave it there.  The man is the walking epitome of what WE think Christian should embrace.  We want more Alexander, and in sexier roles.  With three movies out this year already we know he's busy.

That's all from the mansion.  We're on vacation but it was hard NOT to write about the sexy Swede that makes us think the most orgasmic thoughts!

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