Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holy Shite, What a Year!

If you haven't noticed by the title of this post we've been watching a little too much Sons of Anarchy in December!  Obviously we fell in love with the Irish! Seriously though, it's Charlie Hunnam that has given us a biker addiction!  With the crew being down most of the month we've had a huge amount of time to watch all six seasons.  Did we mention we get a little obsessive over things we love here?

One of our readers said she was a Hunnam Angel for life, and now we get why.  A few of the folks around here are now ready to start their own MC! The only problem with that scenario is none of us ride, but we'd make some great old ladies! Jail time doesn't seem like much fun either so our club would have to be strictly legit!  If you haven't watched the show you can catch the first five seasons on Netflix and then the sixth on Amazon.  It's worth the ride!

So what made us want to watch the show?  We started working on a new Biker Romance a few months ago and the research for the background in nonfiction was interesting but we wanted to get a feel about what people were relating to on a fiction level.  Someone suggested SOA and that's all it took.  Yes we were six years late, which we really regret now, but it was made up for!  Michelle's family is regretting that finding since now she's decided leather is pretty cool!

Vampires, Rock Stars, BDSM and now Bikers!  Things definitely never get dull around Tears of Crimson! Now if only we can remind our fearless leader that she doesn't need to go out and experience all these scenarios to write about them!  Five kids and a husband might just keep her grounded enough to realize she might have more fun writing about it instead!

We hooked up with Rachel Mizer of Shoutlines designs to get the lowdown on a possible new cover for the biker romance and can't wait to see what she comes up with.  Maybe she can come up with a Patch for all our Tears of Crimson friends?  2013 has been one hell of a year and we're looking at a 2014 that's packed with just as much excitement!  We're really hoping to finish out the Tears of Crimson series in 2014 as well, if we can get Michelle to stop whining about ending her baby!  Make sure you send her some encouragement and tell her you won't stop visiting just because the final book in the vampire series hits the shelves.

Sending out love to all our Tears of Crimson friends with best wishes for an incredible 2014!  Let's see what we can make happen this year!


The Tears of Crimson Crew

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