Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Things To Motivate Yourself as a Writer! #FF Love

The weekend is here and it's time to stop waiting for great things to happen, instead do something to put your work in front of those readers!  We've all gotten caught up in the world around us and left our writing behind at some point in our lives.  These 7 tips are ideas to get you motivated and heading back down the road toward your goals.  I know there are tons of excuses I use not to work, but even on my bad mood days I try to kick myself in the tush and remember what my goals are.  
So here we go!  Who's with me?  

  1.  Make it a goal today to write at least 1,000 words.  Stop procrastinating and put something else on hold while you get that word count up.  Make sandwiches for dinner, or whatever else you can do to give yourself that time to work on your book.  It's hard to sell a book if you haven't written it yet!
  2. Update your twitter profile, Facebook page, or other social media.  When's the last time you took a look at how you're branding yourself?  Give yourself a update and give your followers something new to talk about.
  3. Try out a new method of promoting.  If you're book sales aren't where you want them to be why not look for something to get them kick started.  A Blog Tour, Facebook Campaign, Rafflecopter giveaway, create a Quiz on Goodreads, or start a twitter campaign using Feed140 to create 24/7 tweets!
  4. Create a blog post about what your working on right now and get readers interested before you publish.  Or heck, even do one telling your fans thank you for all their support.  Don't forget the people who are standing as your cheer squad when the rest of the world had no idea who you are!
  5. Are you blocked?  Inspiration is all around you.  Think about a life event that left you breathless or even a little teary eyed and incorporate it into your WIP.  Nothing shows off your writing skills like adding a little piece of yourself into the story!
  6. See what's working for the top sellers. Go to your favorite book site and look at the top ten books in your genre.  What are they doing that you're not?   By no means copy another author!  But you can get ideas about what readers seem to be purchasing at the moment and get a theme idea in your mind.
  7. Covers can sell books, what are yours saying about you?  While you're at your favorite book site, look at some of the bestselling covers and compare them to yours.  Where are you falling behind? Does your cover look like it belongs on a bestseller list?  If not maybe it's time to start shopping around for a great cover artist?  If you're a DIY yourself person, then study some of the top covers and see how you can improve your craft.
Feel free to share these tips with friends who might be having a little trouble getting motivated.  If you have other ideas to kick the lazy bug, I'd love to hear about it and I'm sure my readers would to.  Leave a comment!  

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