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1st - Love for Sale Book Tour with Michelle Hughes

1st - Love for Sale Book Tour $50 Giveaway!

Billionaire, Dominant, Innocence, it’s all about the 1st!

Billionaire playboy Seth Rubin always got what he wanted.  It was usually handed to him on a silver platter.  He wasn't expecting an innocent to fall into his lap, or her naivety to be such a turn on..  He liked his women experienced and willing to fall in line with whatever sexual perversion he could dream up.  Caitlin was a challenge.

She might be a virgin, but Caitlin Smith was no pushover.  Brought up in foster care, she'd learned how to protect herself and knew exactly what she wanted in life.  That is until Seth walked in and screwed up her entire plan.  With a body built for sin, and more charm than should be legal for one man to have, he would challenge everything she was.

Seth and Caitlin were as different as two people could be but they both wanted the same thing. Control! When passion controls the scene, any rule might be broken.  Who will surrender first? 

1st is the first in a three part series that explores bondage, discipline, and a world of sensual delights.  Go ahead and get started.


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Behind the Scenes with Author Michelle Hughes

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about 1st, the first book in the new series, Love For Sale.  I've heard it time and time again, that authors are trying to make a comparison to Fifty Shades of Grey, let me put that question to rest right now about the Love for Sale series.  Seth doesn't have some horrible past that made him enjoy forcing women to submit, he’s just egotistical and knows what he wants.  Raised in privilege, and continuing on his family legacy, he built up his company with blood, sweat and tears.   So what you won’t get in the series is some poor, pitiful, the world owes me for what I've been through, scenario.

Caitlin is not your average woman.  She did have a crappy upbringing, but instead of wallowing in her self-pity, she decided to make a name for herself by working hard and overcoming obstacles. A man like Seth is the last person she expects to be attracted to, and when it happens, let’s just say she’s not very happy about the situation.  He wants a pet, and she wants an equal, so the flames are going to fly when these two headstrong people butt heads.

One of the things I wanted to express in this series is that submissive’s aren't normally weak.  For a strong woman to give her power, it’s much more enticing to a dominant male.  I’m sure you've heard that old saying:  “Why buy the cow when the milk is free”?  I think it’s very fitting in the loving BDSM relationship, a weak willed woman could never give what she already is.  Submission is something freely given, and a real dominant alpha male is worthy of the gift.

Many, many years ago, I lived with a couple who participated in the BDSM lifestyle.  They were both very dominant people when it came to their careers, and chose this path because it allowed them to find fulfillment of a different sort in their personal relationship.  There are people who “play” in BDSM, and more power to them, but in a true “relationship”, meaning something the couple lives 24/7, I saw a very different scenario than what was played out at dungeon parties.  Having seen both these worlds I understand how easy it would be for people to mistake a real lifestyle versus something people just play at.

I’m obviously not the authority on BDSM, but I've seen the positives that a relationship of this nature can bring to the table, as well as the negatives when people do it for the wrong reasons.  Love for Sale has a little of both worlds.  I think, as with any relationship, the beginning doesn't necessarily dictate how things will end up.  As a couple begins to understand what makes each of them tick, there’s a lot of room for changes.  I hope all readers enjoy the journey as much as I’m enjoying sharing it.

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