Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hump Day Fun - Silly Facts & Useless Knowledge

If the only humping you're getting lately is like the picture above, hopefully this little fun filled post will make your day a little brighter.  If nothing else, remember Friday is only two days away!

1.  Did you know that in Fairbanks, Alaska there is a law that says a moose can't engage in sexual intercourse?

2.  The origin of Ignoramus came about because a grand jury would write it on a bill when the prosecution's evidence wasn't worthy.

3.  In Memphis Tennessee there is still a law on the books that states a woman can't drive a car unless a man is walking in front of them waving a red flag.

4.  Be careful what you say to your lover during sex in Willowdale, Oregon!  It's against the law to whisper dirty things getting your hump on there!

5.  If you live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  you better not have sex with a truck driver at a toll booth, that's still illegal!

6.  In Georgia, it's illegal to keep a donkey in your bathtub!

7.  If you live in New York, it's illegal to say hello while putting your thumb to your nose and wiggling your fingers!

8.  Putting salt on a railroad track in Alabama is punishable by death!

9.  Don't commit a misdemeanor in Arizona while wearing a red mask!  It turns into a felony!

10.  In Little Rock, Arkansas, it's illegal for a dog to bark after 6 P.M.

11.  Don't set a mousetrap in California without a hunting license, it's illegal!

12.  Logan County, Colorado?  Kissing a woman while she's asleep is a big no no.

13.  Did you know that an ant will always fall on it's left side when drunk?

14.  If you want to commit a crime, consider Australia.  The Koala bears fingerprints are nearly indistinguishable from a humans.

15.  Elephants are not allowed to plow fields in North Carolina!

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