Monday, December 1, 2014

Enjoy a Traditional Regency Romance by Daphne Du Bois

A traditional Regency romance in the style of Georgette Heyer... 

She will settle for nothing less than love…

Miss Margaret Dacre dreams of two things: creating the gowns she’s been dreaming up in her sketchbooks and winning the love of Lord Hartley. And neither of these will come true if her father has his way and she marries her dreadful cousin Kingsley Stanhope.

But Maggie is not one to give up without a fight: she decides that she’s long-overdue an adventure and nothing less than Paris will do.

As Maggie and her dearest friend Cecile begin to establish their new identities in the most romantic city in the world, she discovers that love isn’t so easily left behind – especially when you’re trying to ignore it.

But will Lord Hartley ever see her as more than his best friend’s little sister? Or would the handsome conductor Sir Lucian Blake make for a better match?

About the Author

Daphne has always had a passion for literature and history and one day it occurred to her: what better way to use her English Literature degree than to write about Regency romps and romance? She hasn't looked back since. Admittedly, her addiction to all things Jane Austen from a very young age had probably somewhat informed her choice of subject matter...

Daphne has stacks of notebooks full of stories that still need to be written, which she insists on bringing with her when she moves around the world (she's done this a lot!). She likes her books full of romance, adventure, witty repartee and a dash of silly humour. When Daphne isn't writing, she can be found painting, picnicking, reading and listening to all sorts of exciting music.

Daphne also writes fantasy under the pen name Emily de Courcy - her first anthology, 'From Fairies and Creatures of the Night, Guard Me', will be out early December 2013.

Also look out for her third Regency romance, His Wayward Duchess, out late Jan 2014!

Follow her on Twitter @MsDaphneduBois

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