Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tears of Crimson - Year in Review

From everyone at Tears of Crimson, we'd like to wish you the Happiest of New Years!  2014 was one of our best years ever, and it's all because of wonderful readers like you!  So many things have happened this year, and we'd like to take a chance to highlight them for our own memory capsule of sorts.  What better way to do that than with the friends of Crimson who made this journey possible?

Before that happens, we'd like you to know a little bit more about how this dream all came together.  In 2008, Michelle was laid off from her job in Respiratory Therapy.  Her husband was working full time, and they decided together that raising their youngest child who hadn't begun school yet was a better choice than looking for new employment.

Writing at that time was just a way to pass the free time Michelle now had, going from a 72 hour work week to stay at home mom.  In that first year she penned the original Tears of Crimson book, built from years of dreams she had.  The book didn't hit a bestseller list and only sold twenty copies in the first few months.  To Michelle this was like hitting the lottery though, because she never dreamed it was possible that anyone other than family or friends would want to read her material.

It would take her several more books before she made a profit on her craft, and it was a humble beginning that still meant she needed a job when the youngest went to school.  Then something miraculous happened, one of her books made it to the top 100 overall on Amazon.  Once she proved that this writing thing was more than just a way to pass time, a career outside the home became less likely.  Even her husband, who is and was one of those people that can only see black and white, started to believe that living a dream could actually work in supporting their family.

2014 proved that Michelle's writing was indeed a better choice than leaving the comfort of her home since she surpassed even her husbands generous salary after he'd worked for the same company for the last twenty years.  Thanks to wonderful readers like you, Michelle continues to bring new worlds of romance and in 2015, paranormal as well.  The original book she penned is getting a facelift and her vision for Tears of Crimson will be reimagined.  Contemporary Romance has been her love, and that won't be changing, but the paranormal romance will be an addition to those readers who've been there from the beginning.

With all that being said, 2014 was an incredible year, and everyone here at Tears of Crimson is just thrilled to have such a loyal family that we will always consider Friends of Crimson.

Book Released in 2014:

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