Friday, February 13, 2015

Dat Ass! Fifty Shades of Grey Movie (Spoiler Alert)

Dakota Johnson stole the show as far as I'm concerned for an incredible performance as Anastasia Steele!  I don't think they could have picked a better actress for the role and she pulls it off with a sass that had me cheering her on.  No shy little wallflower there.  Jamie Dornan?  Let me just say.... DAT Ass!  If there is a more perfect one on the big screen, you'd have to show me! Did he pull off the role of Christian Grey?  Yes and no.  Let me say upfront that I really enjoyed the movie.  I laughed and felt it stayed pretty much true to the books.  Well, as much as you can with a 125 minute movie!

Dornan had the body and some of his mannerism were dead on, while others kind of left me wanting more of that mysterious quality that you felt in the writing from EL James.  Of course my favorite line from the movie was the Fifty Shades of Fucked Up, so giving him props for that one.  What didn't ring so much true was the Laters Baby, but it was a bit awkward for him saying it in the book too so they could have wanted it that way.

The scene from Christian's Office, which they label Grey House? To me, it was spot on and just how I envisioned the staff and surroundings.  Red Room of Pain?  Same thing.  They did a great job with bringing that out in film.  Of course what I'm sure most readers of the books are wanting to know is did they pull off the BDSM aspects of the film?

Yes and No.  Obviously it had to be toned down from what I saw in my mind with the books, but the portrayal was rather tame.  Still it actually fit more in with the love story version of the movie.   You get the impression that Christian is a very gentle Dom, and I do believe they watered that part down for a broader audience.  Even the scene that finally makes her walk away in the first book is pretty tame.  Six smacks with a belt and she's running.  On a personal note she would never have made it a day with any Master with that type of mind set.  It was a tasteful introduction into the world of BDSM and I think it worked for the movie.

The sex scenes were great, and unless they rated it X I couldn't see them adding much more than they did.  For the record, one more time, DAT ASS!  I would have paid the ticket fee just to look at it. Sorry, my inner perv had to come out a little.  Would I go see the movie again?  Absolutely.  Since they left it where the first book ended, there's no doubt a part two is coming and of course I'll be showing up to watch that one as well.

My final conclusion is it was a movie I enjoyed, and didn't make me want to throw popcorn at the screen like the last Hunger Games movie or Dracula Untold, so I'm giving it the Tears of Crimson Seal of approval! I would have enjoyed seeing more of the qualities from Christian that shared more emotion, but other than that it was worth my time.  

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