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Contemporary Romance Roundup - Love in Today's World

Clover is personal assistant to Debra Coorman, the merciless boss of Candice fashion magazine. The bright lights of New York are dim for Clover, who is tormented by a work schedule like no other. Debra is relentless in her determination to demean Clover.

For once, Clover dares to play Debra’s games, and intends to prove her wrong at the next glittering event. With mixed emotions, Clover contacts a male escort, Damon. If his velvet voice over the phone is anything to go by, Clover knows her money will be well spent.

But when Damon appears at her door, something unexpected happens. The taunts and the games begin. Who is truly going to win at this game?

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A contemporary romance which features an old-fashioned Cinderella-type who finds her hero in this unusual story from a Romance Writers of America award winning author. When rugged world-traveler Zach Masterson returns home to Colorado to sell the family ranch, he never expected to find a complication like Sarah Solomon. This prim and proper lady is running from an Amish-like community and needed his help. But alluringly innocent though she is, Zach knew better than to allow her to put shackles on his wanderer's feet.                                                                                                                                                                                 Sarah found herself strangely drawn to the enigmatic cowboy who encouraged erotic imaginings in her normally pristine mind. But underneath his rough edges was a pain that made her own heart ache. And Sarah knew she would do anything to convince him that he belonged with the land...and with her.                                                                                                                                            Purchase on Amazon

One innocent lie had HER caught in HIS trap!

She invented him!
At least she thought she had!
Kit Forrester lived a life of lies - so what was one more? When her first vacation ever sank like the Titanic - she couldn't tell her friends THAT! So she did what she always did - she lied.

Kit told everyone about her fabulous five day cruise. Her days of fun in the sun and moonlit nights with the man of her dreams - Rafe Morgan - tall, handsome, incredibly sexy and successful. And well - now they were engaged!

There was just one 6'2", 230 lb. problem -
Rafe Morgan did exist and he wanted answers.

Retired Navy SEAL and Texas business tycoon, Rafe Morgan was sure he was being set up by his suddenly acquired fiancee.

Two men want the same woman and one of them will do anything to get what he wants. Nobody is safe!

Alex Gantry is an elite personal life coach who’s a strong, independent and extremely successful woman whose clients are millionaires and the richest of the rich.

She’s changing her life by moving from Hollywood to the Washington, D.C. Beltway, joining a partnership with her bestie, Berkley.

But that’s not the real reason she moved to the Beltway. Alex is fleeing Hollywood to get away from her last boyfriend, Brian, a super wealthy, handsome and powerful producer. 

Their relationship is all about convenience and not commitment.

Alex has decided she wants more, a lot more.

Set in the music industry of 1980's London, All Tomorrow's Parties is a journey through life and love. Laine Marshall isn’t a product of the 1980s she is the epitome of it. 18 years of age and working for Vestal records, the hippest label around. She is truly living her dream. Taking the day to day hedonism in her stride, Laine experiences every emotion under the sun except the one she craves the most - love. 

With a backdrop of eighties classic songs, Laine Marshall's adventures take her to Italy where a chance encounter puts her onto a roller coaster of emotions that twist and turn. Someone is out to derail her 'happy ever after' but who and why? 

All Tomorrow's Parties will have your thoughts racing and your heart running for cover. Sometimes you have to play the cards you’ve been dealt and hope. LAINE MARSHALL exemplifies hope.

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What if life as you know it was turned upside down? Would you still be the same person?

When Chloe is forced to leave behind her cosmopolitan life in London to move to a small island in the Irish Sea, she is faced with a myriad of challenges. 

How will she and her family adapt to island life? Will she find new friends? What about her career? Most importantly, will the love of Chloe and her husband survive their amorous adventures?

Join Chloe on her journey through her past and her present to make sense of her life, herself, her hopes, and dreams amid her personal upheaval.

The Cosmopolitan Islander is a thrilling novel about female roles and identity in the 21st century – and about how the journey of life can change your destination in the most unexpected way. It takes the reader from the Isle of Man and around the world, traversing the timeless themes of love, desire, family, friendship, power, and ambition.

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What would you do if you met someone who defied all of your stereotypes? 

Outspoken and abrasive, law student Isabel enjoys arguing with just about everyone, including her friends. It's 2010, and her strained relationship with her mother, less-than-stellar job prospects and frustrations with the conformist political culture of Washington, DC have left her resentful and unfulfilled. Only her sisters and a few good friends are able to keep her semi-grounded. When she meets a new fellow student who dares to challenge her, she is intrigued but skeptical. While Isabel is risk-averse where her feelings are concerned, she is also becoming increasingly curious. She's afraid to get close, because being vulnerable always lead to being hurt, doesn't it?

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Book two also available

Aurelia Elam is a chameleon, a highly-talented thief who can take on a new personality and appearance at the drop of a hat. When a mysterious fixer hires her to steal a revolutionary new cancer treatment drug, Aurelia finds herself falling for the charming inventor. Now she's faced with a dilemma. To protect the one she cares about, she must destroy his life.

A thrilling game of cat and mouse stretches across the globe, and Aurelia risks everything while confronting her deepest fears. Chased by assassins and her own conscience, Aurelia must decide what comes first: Duty or her heart?                                                                                                                                                          Purchase on Amazon

A follow up to the original compilation "The Palace of Winds and Other Short Stories, "Through Thunder of Light" is a collection of poignant, short stories addressing romance, failures, intrigues, and beliefs from a male perspective, reflected by a synopsis of selected stories listed below:
                                                                                                             "Through Thunder and Light" - overcoming deep depression.
"Fifteen" - dealing with the hidden loss of a child.
"Aletheia" - challenged by a lover's thoughts.
"Almond Eyes" - spending time with a love interest.                                                                                                                                      Purchase on Amazon

Jude Holland is a man with a problem. His heart belongs to his best friend, but his best friend belongs to someone else. Maya Jenkins has a bigger problem. Her boyfriend’s jealousy and temper is controlling her life. When she plucks up courage to leave Carl, she reaches out to Jude. 

Four years younger, her best friend has always made her feel safe. Maya has hidden her true feelings for Jude for seven years and coming out of an abusive relationship is not an appropriate time to reveal them—or is it? 

After rescuing her from Carl’s clutches, Jude is shocked by how much Carl has destroyed Maya’s strong spirit. No longer the carefree, self-assured woman he once knew, Jude vows to help her pick up the pieces of her life. However, Jude didn’t bank on Carl’s unwillingness to let go.                                                                                                                                                                     Purchase on Amazon

A Virgin. A Gigolo... & Vegas! Who's All In?

Twenty-One-Year-Old College Student Becca Stewart has lived her life by the rules and never stepped over any lines. For once in her life, she wants to be the bad girl and enjoy what she’s missing out on. She’s had a crush on the star quarterback at her university and decides to tell him how she feels. He’s all in for a night of wild sex until she confesses to being a virgin. Telling her he’d love to give her what she wants if she wasn’t innocent, she decides to fight for him.

Hiring a gigolo isn’t something Becca ever thought she’d do, but having Bryce is worth it. Taking the small nest egg her grandmother left her she hires Colton Dillard and flies out to Las Vegas to get the experience she needs. Colton owns a company that pleasures women for profit, but he’s not exactly whom he claims to be! Six foot four inches of pure sensuality, he’s every woman’s dream and just the man to teach her the ways of unadulterated sex.
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Consumed by love, Travors draws the World’s attention as he searches for the woman he believes is his soul mate. Tracy finds him irresistible but tries to run away. Love has trapped her in a cage and her heart refuses to set her free. Loving Travors would not only violate her self imposed modesty rules, but comes with clear consequences. Meanwhile Travors will stop at nothing to make her his wife and he must do it soon.                                                                                                                                               Purchase on Amazon

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