Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Dark Forest Anthology


The most controversial book of 2017 ~ Carolyn Faulkner

Enjoy seven wicked tales from seven bestselling authors, each more deliciously deviant than the last! This anthology breaks every rule and is extremely taboo. It is so dark that it’s actually black, and definitely not for the faint of heart. This anthology is not your typical romance. You have been warned.

Nothing is as it seems in our dark and twisted fairyland. Princes are not charming and the path to happily ever after is paved with creative punishments and supplication. Do not fret for our fair maidens. These are still fairytales. Love will conquer all in the end.
Included in this anthology are: BEAUTIFULLY PRIMAL A Beauty and the Beast tale by Zoe Blake SLEEP, MY BEAUTY A Sleeping Beauty story by Alta Hensley SAVING ELLA A Cinderella tale by Tabitha Black MR. WOLFFE’S LITTLE RED A Little Red Riding Hood story by Maggie Ryan GOLDI IN CHAINS A Goldilocks story by Maren Smith NIGHTMARES IN WONDERLAND An Alice in Wonderland tale by Addison Cain THE TOWER A Rapunzel story by Jennifer Bene

*Publisher’s Warning – This anthology is extremely dark, twisted, and will push your comfort level. There are taboo, and high kink level acts, graphic sex, anal play, ménage, age play, and whatever else your darkest mind can think of. Do not buy this book if you are expecting your typical hearts and flowers romance.

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