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Seducing Their Princess (A Reverse Harem Romance) - Michelle Hughes

Four sexy men and one princess that steals their hearts.  What's a girl to do?

Stranded on a deserted island, it’s either the start of a bad romance or every woman’s fantasy.   The sexiest men I’ve ever met want me in their bed.  I’ve heard of a harem before, but being part of a reverse one?  Maybe this is the reason I’ve waited so long to discover what everyone is talking about.

I’m your average book nerd, who also happens to be a polyglot.  I can speak eight languages but when it comes to romance, I’m clueless.  After overhearing a conversation most people wouldn’t understand, a foreign terrorist group endangers my life.  Big brother comes to the rescue and calls in his former black-op friends to protect my body.  One look at these mouth watering hunks, and my virtue is the last thing I want them guarding.  I’ve always considered myself a good girl, but for the first time in my life I want to be very bad.  

Would it be terribly wrong to give into my hearts desire and enjoy a fantasy that most women can only dream about?


My heart raced, and I wasn’t sure if it was in fear or overwhelming desire.  These four beautiful men wanting me was still baffling.  It was either karma’s idea of a bad romance or every woman’s fantasy.  “You.  I.  We.”  For a woman with a great vocabulary I couldn’t seem to get a single word out.  Holy blooming daffodils, he couldn’t be serious. 

“I told you this was a bad idea.  She’s not ready for us.”  Jackston looked like a blond god, with a body that made my mouth water, but he was also the sweetest man I’d ever met.  Kneeling beside my chair, he lifted my hand, bringing it to his cheek, holding it there.  “You don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.”  The concern in those cobalt eyes made my heart melt. 

“Give her some credit.  She’s a grown woman and capable of making decisions.”  Gage crossed his arms over his massive chest and the sight of him reminded me of some barbarian sex symbol.  To be honest he frightened me with his domineering personality, but secretly it also made me ache to see how far he would take things.  “Your eyes tell me you’re interested.  Say it.  You want us too, don’t you?” His whiskey colored eyes stared at me with such intensity I had to look away or get burnt up in the heat.

“Yes.” My hand flew to my mouth in shock.  I shouldn’t have revealed that truth.  “No.  I don’t know.  Maybe?”  Wrapping my arms around my waist, the emotions moving through my mind were almost too much.  Of course, I wanted them.  Any sane woman would.  Wanting and doing, though?  It was crazy to think anyone could sleep with four men at once, much less a virgin! 

“Well, which is it kitten.  You either want us to dirty you up or you don’t.”  Theo’s smirk wasn’t helping my confused state of mind.  It was almost like he was toying with me, but his eyes told a different story.  Confidence dripped off him, and why wouldn’t it?  His face could have been sculpted by a famous artist and brought to life, it was so perfect. 

Dropping to his knees on my other side, his hand moved into my hair, gripping tightly, and pulling back.  “You need some help figuring it out?” Lowering his head, his lips were only inches from mine as he spoke.

“Give the girl some breathing room.”  Alec was getting angry again, and I didn’t want to see them arguing over me. 

At his words, Theo and Jackston stood up and backed away.  Instantly, I missed the contact and my eyes looked up to meet Alec’s.  I wanted to plead with him to make the decision for me, because I wasn’t brave enough to take the leap even if I wanted what they were offering.  As if he could read my thoughts, a small smile appeared on his gorgeous face, but he shook his head.

“This is your decision, Brooke.  Personally? I’m inclined to agree with Jackston.”  His words felt like a punch in the gut and I looked away to hide the disappointment I felt.

“You don’t want me.”  It wasn’t a question, because why would he?  I didn’t deserve the attention of these incredible men.  Them wanting me didn’t make sense. 

When he pulled me out of my chair, crushing me against his hard chest, I gasped in shock.  “Don’t ever think I don’t want this, little girl.”  His lips crashed onto mine, kissing me with a seductive passion that had my knees threatening to fold.  His tongue forced its way into my mouth devouring mine until I was breathless.  “If you become ours, I might just keep you, so be sure you’re ready for that.  I don’t think you understand what you’ll be saying yes to. So, in that retrospect, you’re not ready for us yet.” 

My fingers grasped the material of his shirt. I clung to him as I stared into those eyes seeing the lust that told me his words were true.  Then it dawned on me what he was saying. It wasn’t just my body he wanted.  No, that wasn’t enough for him. What Alec wanted was to own me.  I’m not sure which terrified me more.  Giving my body to these four incredible men or knowing that if I did he’d be in control.  I opened my mouth to speak, but my mouth had grown so dry, nothing came out. 

I was pulled out of Alec’s arms and into Gage’s.  “We all want a chance to convince you.”  If I thought Alec’s kiss had been possessive, Gage’s was downright territorial.  His tongue danced with mine while his hands tangled in my hair, almost painfully, as he left me floating in a blissful haze. 
“That’s no way to seduce her.” Jackston pressed himself against my back, and I felt every long, hard inch of him through the thin material of his shorts.  Grasping my chin, he turned my lips away from Gage’s and almost tenderly seduced me with his magical mouth. 

“Please.” Theo scoffed and pushed Jackston out of the way.  “That’s not where she needs to be kissed.  His hand cupped my heat, and it didn’t matter that I was wearing sweatpants when he dropped to his knees, pressing his mouth against me.  I cried out in pleasure and shock, not expecting him to take things so far.

“She hasn’t agreed!” Alec’s words pulled him away when I was starting to enjoy the sensation and I whimpered in protest.

“Bullshit. I bet if we pulled down her pants right now, she’d be soaking wet.”  He winked at me, and I felt my face burn in embarrassment, because he was right.  I was disappointed that he found his feet and wanted to beg that he kiss me that way again.

I was trembling in need and nervousness as they all looked at me, waiting for an answer I wasn’t sure I could give.  It wasn’t doubt about wanting them that kept me from answering.  I had no idea how to make love to four virile men at once.  Where would they all fit?  I only had so many places they could go, and I wasn’t sure how that would work.

“Think about what we’re offering, Brooke.  Be sure this is what you want because if you choose us, we won’t let you take it back.”  Alec’s words were filled with conviction and I didn’t doubt what he said. He took his place on the couch again and the other men followed.  The looks on their beautiful faces were filled with longing and possessiveness.  

I hope you enjoyed this fantasy and will consider leaving a review.   Writing a reverse harem romance was a lot of fun, and I admit it made me think about what it would be like to have one in real life.  Since I’m married, I’ll have to leave that to someone else to explore.  Please join my mailing list to be updated on new releases.  You can subscribe here:

Michelle Hughes lives in Verbena, Alabama with her husband and five children.  She’s published over twenty books on her own and has one title with Kindle Scout.  Hughes was raised as an Air Force Brat and traveled the world with her family before returning home to her state, Alabama.  Prior to writing she was a country singer/songwriter, and then a respiratory therapist. 


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