Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Surrender to Your Hearts Desire with Valentine - A Dark Billionaire Romance

They call me Valentine but if you're looking for hearts, flowers, and happily ever after, you've met the wrong man. 

I want my women on their knees, surrendering to their darkest desires. I'm a sadist, and I don't make excuses for what I need. I don't care what the romance books say, a virgin has no place in my world. When I meet Grace, I know I should walk away but because of me her life is in danger and she needs my protection. I'm her boss and the only man that can keep her safe. The only question is, who is going to save her from me?

The first time I'm attracted to a man and he's not only my boss but some kinky pervert. The idea of me being his sex slave is insane, so why can't I stop thinking about submitting to this fantasy?

I'm not looking for love. I just graduated college and the last thing I need distracting me from my life goal is some sadistic billionaire with control issues. Valentine is a former black op soldier who left a military career and turned his security company into the largest in the United States. Working as his intern is a dream job I can't turn down. The trouble is, I see how he looks at me, and I'm worried if he asks, I won't be able to turn him down either.

Valentine is a 70k word standalone with no cheating and is a BDSM Virgin/Alpha male romance. This book contains no bonus material and is for mature readers who like their reading steamy. 

There are times when you finish a book and you sit back and wonder where the idea came from.  When I started writing Valentine, I had every intention of writing a sweet happily-ever-after romance.  I think I shocked myself with the turns this book took.  Like most of my men, Mr. Valentine is a cocky, egotistical, son of a... well you get the point, but there's so much more to him.  Grace is beautiful, intelligent, without a submissive bone in her body, but there's something about this man she can't resist.  This book is a power play from the beginning and while it is technically a romance, there are so many twists and turns that by the time you get to the end it feels like you've been taken on a roller coaster ride.  My heart physically hurt after writing this book, and instead of giving away the plot, I encourage you to pick it up and find out why for yourself.  

Like most human beings, my characters have emotional scars from the life they've lead, and working through those problems is almost therapeutic for me as a writer.  I think sometimes I write books like this to deal with my own inner demons.  Let's face it, none of us are perfect.  When we come into a relationship we carry emotional baggage from our past.  Granted, most of us don't deal with situations like the ones in books, because they are fantasy, but I feel we can relate to what it would feel like to live through the memories these characters deal with.

There's nothing I love talking about more than books (well besides my kids).  Go pick up Valentine and let's have a conversation.  This is an Amazon exclusive book and it's free on Kindle Unlimited.  I'd like to hear from readers about the idea to publish exclusively there, even if it's negative.  I'm a big girl, trust me I can take it.  

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