Saturday, September 5, 2020

To Give Or Not to Give - Dating in 2020

 Written By:  Michelle Hughes   

Is there a place in today's society for women that choose to wait before they experience their first time?  Surprisingly enough, yes.  As our culture is filled with sexual freedom being blasted into our homes on both the internet and television daily, some women still choose to wait.  According to several surveys of college women, 14 % chose to hold onto their virginity after the age of 20.  I've talked with several women who have chosen to wait and the reasons why, might (or may not) shock you.

Women today don't feel like they need to be defined by their sexuality.  Other's feel that sex isn't an important goal for them, while focusing on their careers and life choices rank higher.  With more people over twenty turning to online socializing it should come as no surprise that this means less physical contact with people in their age demographic.  Most of the women I talked to that decided to wait said it had little or nothing to do with religious belief, which somewhat shocked me.

So, what's it like to be a 20+ year old virgin in 2020?  The women that I spoke with said it wasn't something discussed openly and didn't feel like it was a topic of conversation that needed to be brought up unless a relationship was getting serious.  It came as no surprise to me that these women were college students, who had strong goals for their lives involving their careers.  When asked if they used other forms of sexual gratification it was a fifty-fifty split.  They either felt no need to sexually satisfy themselves or felt it was easier to masturbate than worry about finding a partnership with their busy work, and college classes.

While it might seem that the entire world is getting it on in the bedroom, at least that's what we see on our television constantly, there are  more than a few women out there deciding to wait until they feel the need to explore that sexuality.  What I did find somewhat shocking was that many of these 20-something virgins decided to not date at all.  

I decided to conduct a poll here and talk to readers.  In the comments below, if you feel so obliged, leave a comment about how old you were when you decided to give it all, or are still holding on to that V-card. Obviously, this blog is meant for eighteen or older, so let's see where the majority of our readers fall.  Either way, Tears of Crimson will always be here to support your decision to give or not give.  For us it's all about what you want to do.

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