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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

USPS Vape Mail Ban Comment Period


Stop everything you're doing and help save the lives of millions of ex-smoker (or future smokers) by taking five minutes out of your life and visiting this link CASAA VAPE MAIL BAN  As you may, or may not know, with the last Covid Stimulus package, the congress snuck in a bill that would prevent anyone (even with proper identification) from getting anything related to vaping in the mail.  For millions of rural people, this is a death sentence because they'll be forced to go back to cigarettes and eventually die from the habit.  This bill can be read in its entirety by clicking this link:  this bill was initiated by Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA] (Introduced 04/30/2019) initially, then tied into the relief payment.

Make no mistake, friend, millions of people live in rural areas, and don't have access to a vaping shop.  Many of those people have COPD, are older Americans, and will be forced to return to smoking if we don't stand together and fight this now!  You can make a difference.  Take FIVE minutes out of your day/night and do this call to action.  Visit the link above to CASAA and be the change!  


  1. The only thing left for me after they stopped me from getting my DIY products through the mail is to go back to smoking cigarettes. I'm sure the emphysema I already acquired will grow like a tree within my lungs. I would like the federal government to think about that as you sit back and ponder the reason that these senators back in this bill have no reason to add this to a covid relief package

  2. By implementing the Vape Mail Ban, you will be responsible for me dying from lung cancer due to me having to switch back to smoking Cancer Sticks... THANKS! :(

  3. I hope you've stocked up on Nicotine. I agree what they are doing is horrible and they don't care about public health one iota!

  4. The vape mail ban is nothing but a money grab constructed by the tobacco industry and states that borrowed against the MSA, congratulations money, you won. Money > Health

  5. Absolutely sickening what this represents! But we sure can send cigars and pipes in the mail huh? You people should be ashamed of yourselfs! The hypocrisy is astounding!

  6. I understand that you probably are just uneducated about the situation. The simple fact is. The corrupt government is now using the postal service to accomplish something that there greedy little blood soaked fingers couldn't do. The only thing that banning the shipping of vape products will do is create an underground black market shipping industry that will thrive because of your ignorance. The bottom line is, this new law creates a mountain of extra work added on too your already slow,dreadful,haphazard shipping system,with the loss of millions of dollars in revenue. Remember heroin,,and crystal meth are all illegal to ship, and I can have it delivered usps to my door in two day. Thank you and good day....


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