Saturday, March 6, 2021

It's Time To Stop Demonizing Vaping!


There are so many times I get discouraged in my battle for harm reduction, that I've wondered if my voice even matters.  I attempted to quit smoking for ten years prior to my COPD diagnosis while trying every pharmaceutical method offered by my physician, and even attempting hypnosis.  I would make it a week or so, then go back to smoking again.  Vaping was my miracle cure, and I just hate that it took being diagnosed with COPD to find it.  I was just like most smokers when it comes to vaping, thinking it was just another idiotic idea to set me up for failure, so I was very surprised when I picked up vaping and never touched another cigarette.  That was in 2015.

As most of my readers know, I worked as a respiratory therapist for eight years before becoming a full-time author.  I watched patients die, suffer, and fight to quit,  just like I had.  If I were back in that field today, I'd encourage every single one of those people to try vaping.  I'm sure I'd be fired, but I'd tell them anyway because I know for certain it works.  I'm not knocking pharmaceutical drugs like the patch, and drugs (even though Chantix almost made me kill myself) if that harm reduction method works for a patient, then, by all means, more power to them.  It failed me.  I am of the mindset that whatever works is the tool that should be offered.  For me, that was nicotine vaping.

I've repeated this story over and over during the last few years, how I no longer have COPD symptoms, and people that are against vaping, call me a liar.  I can tell you without any hesitation this is no lie.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis for my COPD diagnosis, and I haven't had that since I started vaping.  For that matter, I haven't had pneumonia either.  Vaping was my miracle cure, so when people refuse to listen, it really breaks my heart.  So many people have been falsely misled to believe that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, and that's just a lie.  America has truly dropped the ball on the scientific discovery of vaping because they've been too busy following incorrect information.  

I strongly encourage you to read the UK Government article released this month about nicotine vaping, and the impact it has shown on smoking cessation.  Please follow this link to read that information: Vaping Better Than Nicotine Replacement  We as a country, should be leading in smoking cessation, but we are dreadfully failing and one of those reasons is because our physicians, scientists, and public health care sectors are not putting their time and effort into discovering how vaping can be a great tool in quitting.   Educate yourself, educate your physicians, educate the public.  Vaping is a great solution to ending the epidemic of tobacco related illness and deaths.


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