Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fulfilled - Michelle Hughes

Walking down the deserted alley she felt a sense of impending doom overcome her. The voice of reason came through loud and clear, she needed to find her way back to the crowd immediately. One of the main things she remembered being told was to never venture off on your own here. Running a trembling hand through her long hair nervously, she glance around knowing she was completely lost. With that knowledge her heart began to race wildly and she had the overwhelming feeling that eyes were watching her. Forcing her feet to move she tried to console herself that it was just the fear of being lost that was causing such a strange sensation.

From the shadows he watched her with a smirk finding his handsome face. He could take her at any moment but the thrill of watching her anticipation build as he played tricks on her mind was very enjoyable to him. He enjoyed these games with the weaker race it almost made the hunt tempting. He watched the lovely woman walk down another side road and smiled at the confusion on her face. She had walked in a circle for the last half hour and the blood racing through her veins as the fear consumed her was to much of a temptation to resist any longer.

Lowering to the ground he lounged against the brick wall of a decaying building and pulled her attention to him. He knew there was no other option in her thoughts about turning to him for help. Even as her mind warned her that a man in a deserted alley could be much more of a threat than being lost, she was desperate for assistance. A slow grin moved over his chiseled features as she moved toward him wearily.

“I w-was wondering if you could help m-me,” her voice cracked as she stared up into his cold gray eyes. There was something off about this man but she couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly. He was dressed with impeccable style, the clothing he wore definitely seemed to be designer. Maybe that was it, she thought, he was overdressed for a night in the Quarter. The way his eyes moved over her body had her thinking about flight and she looked behind her wondering where exactly she was going to run to.

“You seem to have lost your way,” his smiled warmed as he considered the ways he would use her.

She could only stare at the sound of his voice. The accent was English but not with the normal inflection she was used to hearing. Something about his voice calmed her and she felt a strange warmth move through her body that left her trembling in a different way. “Lost,” she said the word in confusion not really sure what she had been worried about earlier.

Holding out his hand, he knew exactly what was going through her mind and it pleased him greatly. How easy these humans were to control he thought as he felt her hand slide into his trusting him. How foolish she was to trust a monster, sighing at the ease in which he had overwhelmed his prey. Walking down the road the scent of her filling his nostrils he fought for control until he could have her all to himself without the possible interruption of other humans. For a brief moment he considered taking what was his due there in the street knowing that a passerby would just mean more sustenance for him should they cross his path. Had he not been craving more than just a feeding this night he would have succumbed to that urge.

Walking up the stairs to his home he led her inside without any struggle on her part. The entire building belonged to him and the only inhabitants were other vampires that stopped by on their travels, so their time together would not be disturbed. He kept control over her mind until he led into his bedroom, knowing it would be much easier to erase her thoughts of just one room if he chose to let her live after she pleasured him. As the spell dissolved he watched the horror wash over her beautiful features.

“Where h-have you brought me,” glancing around wildly her eyes sought escape. She didn't remember walking out of that alley and definitely couldn't recall following him into this room. Panic moved through her body as the overwhelming hint of danger surrounded her thoughts.

With slow graceful moves of his long legs he walked toward the huge four-poster bed and removed his jacket before sitting down. “Where you are is of no concern, how you leave this room should be utmost in your thoughts.” The words were spoken quietly but he saw by the widening of her beautiful emerald eyes that she read the underlying threat beneath his tone.

“W-what do you w-want from me,” crossing her arms over her chest she knew that whatever he had in mind was not going to be pleasant judging from the look that found his face.

“On the contrary my dear, I do believe you will find everything that happens in this room tonight to be pleasurable,” a smirk covered his face as her eyes widened even more. She knew the words she thought had not been spoken aloud and if she hadn't spoken them he had read her mind.

“W-what are y-you,” she truly didn't want to know at this point and turned toward the door. As the door slammed shut and the locks moved in place without him moving to make it happen her breath caught in pure terror. Turning back to him she felt a strange sense of unreality and couldn't speak. He remained as still as a statue on the bed and the fear of his immobility was just as terrifying as if he had thrown her across the room.

“I w-want to l-leave,” the panic that filled every fiber of her being had her lips trembling and her knees shaking. This just wasn't happening, she told herself even as she was faced with the reality before her own eyes.

“You are free to leave if you please me,” his hands rested on either side of his body as he watched the fear cross her features. He could have simply controlled her mind, demanding she fulfill his needs but it was so much more enjoyable watching her confusion.

She stood there for long minutes considering her options. The window wasn't that far, maybe she could make it before he had time to reach it. As the curtains closed she gasped again, knowing he had read her thoughts. “P-please,” she pleaded softly her eyes lowering knowing she wasn't going to leave this place without his permission now. Tears slipped down her cheeks as the realization of just how vulnerable she was at this moment overwhelmed her.

For a brief moment he took pity on her. “When you have pleasured me I will allow you to return home,” how hopeless it must feel to be a human he allowed before his baser instincts took over again. “Undress”, he demanded not liking that the human emotion had dared find its way in his form.

His words shocked her and she shook her head no instinctively. She never allowed anyone to have control, she spent her entire life fighting to be that woman that was in charge of her own destiny.
Her hands fell to her sides as if they were pulled by a force unseen and she stared at him completely shocked. As the buttons of her silk shirt slowly came undone without the aid of fingers, she felt a wave of fear that was so strong her knees gave way. Before she could reach the floor his arms were lifting her and placing her on the bed. She could only stare up at him in shock as he stared down upon the exposed flesh only covered by thin lacy material of her brassiere.

Strangely a wave of pleasure moved through her entire being as his eyes roamed over her drinking in the sight. With a unexpected tenderness his hands spread the long length of her hair over the pillows, seeming to enjoy the portrait he was creating. His fingers lightly caressed from her jaw down across the soft skin of her neck and without thought she arched up for more. Closing her eyes the sensation of his touch filled her mind even more, almost to the point where her body ached for more than just the simple touch.

His cool hand slid underneath her neck and lifted her to a sitting position and her eyes opened quickly. As she stared up into his beautiful face she noted the long incisors that had not been their previously. It wasn't possible of course, her mind screamed, vampires didn't exist in her world. As his cool lips kissed the line of her jaw she no longer cared, the pleasure was enrapturing. Arching her neck back she gave his mouth greater access. Her heart raced for another reason outside of fear now as his tongue lightly trailed a path down her neck. The whimper that escaped her lips was as foreign to her as wanting this beautiful stranger was. At the sharp sting of pain, her body tensed not sure why the fantasy had suddenly turned so dark and dangerous.

His lips pressed against her neck as he suckled the deep crimson of her bouquet. Aware of her pain he took over her mind filling her thoughts with the ways he would pleasure her body. As the tension left her form he continued to drink her in. Her body writhed against him begging for a release. His free hand moved down her body to lift her skirt until his fingers slid under the silken scrap of lace to touch her velvety softness.

Her passion flooded over his fingers and another need fueled his desires. Licking the wounds closed he quickly stood off the bed divesting himself of his clothing. Moving back to her with a speed that defied normal physics he removed her skirt and the scrap of lace just as quickly. Laying back on the bed he pulled her over him giving her mind little time to react to what she was about to do. “Find your release,” he demanded softly as her trembling thighs parted and she embedded herself fully on his large staff.

The overwhelming desire consumed her as she abandoned herself to the pleasure of their bodies joining. Tossing her head back in ecstasy she continued to ride him with only the thought of fulfillment. Closing her eyes she allowed every sensation of his strong body beneath her to flow over her. Soft sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as release hovered just beyond her reach. His hands gripped her softly rounded hips urging her on and he smiled as he glanced at her perfect body caught in the throes of passion. As her body came undone she screamed out loudly every muscle in her body tensing as complete fulfillment consumed her. Turning her over quickly he drove into her softness with a few long thrusts until he was spent.

For long moments he remained seated fully inside of her, enjoying the aftermath of their pleasure. When he felt his weight to much, he rolled over pulling her with him. Giving her time to calm her racing heart he stroked her hair with a tenderness he had not show in a hundred years. Knowing what needed to be done he cursed his vampire nature. Reaching into her thoughts he removed all memories of what had been shared in his room tonight. Dressing her quickly, before he decided to keep her indefinitely, he reached into her mind and retrieved the address of her home.

He gave one last longing look down at the beautiful woman so peaceful in the induced sleep and reminded himself that he had given her a promise. Lifting her form into his arms he walked outside and quickly took off into the night sky. Finding her residence with ease he found her bedroom and placed her on the bed with tenderness. Whispering his thanks for her gift into her ear he paused only briefly to glance back at her as he stood on the balcony. He would visit her again some night, he vowed to himself as he flew off into the moonlight.

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