Friday, January 6, 2012

Ultimate French Quarter Vampyre Adventure

As part of the travel destinations for our Tears of Crimson vampire lovers, we are excited to share with you the Ultimate French Quarter Vampyre Adventure.  Brought to you by our friends at the Boutique du Vampyre, this is one trip that needs to be on every vampire lovers list of incredible vacations.  Surrender to New Orleans at night with a package that was put together with the discriminating taste from the lovers of the fang.

You'll be escorted by a vampire friendly cab to the Place d' Armes, one of the most historical hotels in the Quarter (and I might add the place this vampire writer chooses to stay when I visit the city).  After you have settled in to your accommodations you are guided by Lady Marita, the Queen of New Orleans,to the Pirate's Alley Cafe for a private tasting of Vampire Wines.  During the wine tasting you will learn the history of Dracula, Vampire, and True Blood wines.

After the wine tasting Lady Marita will escort you to Muriel's Seance Rooms where a private dining room awaits you with a wonderful selection of New Orleans Cuisine.  Your need for conversation will be filled during your dining experience as Lady Marita and Sir Steve give a personal story telling of New Orleans vampires and ghosts from the French Quarter.

After your incredible dinner you will be given your own personal Tarot reading from the Vampyre Tarot Deck and then your fangsmith Maven will prepare a custom set of fangs for you.   The evening does not end there, as you leave Muriel's you will be escorted to Lafitte's Blacksmith shop.  You will enjoy cocktails there while huddled around the famous Piano. Lady Marita will take her leave as you survey the area for possible creatures of the night but you must remember to return to your room before sunrise.  Two books will be waiting by your bedside when you return to Place d' Armes, Journey into Darkness and Lafitte the Pirate.  Both of these books should entertain you until the next evening of your vampyre adventure resumes.

A wakeup call will come an hour before sunset on your second evening in New Orleans.  As sunset arrives you will be met outside your hotel by a buggy and your driver.  Your guide is nocturnal and will lead you through the city while educating you on some of the cities nocturnal haunts.  A bottle of your favorite Vampire wine that you discovered to your liking he will possess as well as a small snack of cheese and fruit.  After your tour you will be driven to the Boutique du Vampyre.  The Boutique is the only vampyre shop in the country and you will have your own private shopping experience.

As your shopping comes to and end you will dine at the Orleans Grapevine for an enchanting dinner, vampyre style.  The need for feeding quenched it will be time to find your way to Jackson Square, only a block away.  The Vampire Tour will be your next destination and you will enjoy learning from incredible tour guides from the Haunted History Tours.

As this tour ends you should be familiar with your surroundings and ready to enjoy the rest of the nightlife on your own.  Boutique du Vampyre recommends stopping by the Dungeon.  This vampire writer will also give my recommendation of the Dungeon as I found many wonderful nocturnal creatures to speak with here.  The cost for this Adventure is $3,000 per couple and is all inclusive, excluding airfare.  It is a trip that will give a lifetime of memories and it has the Tears of Crimson seal of approval.

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  1. If I lived in the US, I'd be there in a heartbeat

  2. Hey there Emma! I hope you get to the states one day because New Orleans is, to me, the most magical place on earth.

  3. As you leave Muriel's, you will be brought to Lafitte's Blacksmith shop. Cocktails will be served while crowded around the legendary Piano. Lady Marita will depart as you explore the neighborhood for any night creatures, but you must remember to return to your room before daylight. When you return to Place d'Armes, two novels will be waiting for you at your bedside: Journey into Darkness and Lafitte the Pirate. Both of these books should keep you entertained till your vampyre adventure resumes the next evening.Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good job! Continue to spread the word. Please take a peek at my website.


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