Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Whackers - Fact or Fiction?

Many of you might remember Randy Quaid from movies like: Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain, Caddyshack II, or dozens of other great films.  So what has him fleeing for his life?  Quaid, and his wife Evi, believe they are in danger from an Estate planner that wants to cash in on all the money he's managed to bring in over the years.  According to their own words, they can't even get a credit card or stay in a hotel without trouble these days.  

Quaid claims that there are a group of people that have the ability to manipulate the banking system and criminal system and blames them for falsely accusing him of criminal acts to smear his name.  On another interview he states that these "Star Whackers", they are sabotaging not only their credit, but credibility as well. Three of the people that be believes are responsible are Hollywood lawyers and a business manager.

What would these people have to gain by discrediting the actor?  According to Quaid, they have access to the royalties from his films by creating a phony probate file, secret trust, and fake bank accounts.  He even claims they have been able to access his life insurance policy and use bogus loans taken out in his name.  These are pretty big claims and one has to wonder why there's not more coverage on this topic.

So is Quaid being stalked or is this just another Hollywood actor trying to gain renewed notoriety for himself? I'll leave that decision to you, but will say that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  I'd love to hear your comments about this, so drop me a line and tell me where you stand.

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