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Taking a bite out of... Vicky Crew Fuller

Author Vicky Crew Fuller

So today we're sitting down with Author Vicky Crew Fuller who has released her book, "They Come When You're Alone".  Paranormal enthusiasts are going to enjoy this walk into a realistic haunting.  Fuller brings to life her experiences over the years with paranormal entities that will leave you feeling chills.

TOC:  Thanks so much for joining us at Tears of Crimson, Vicky.  I know our readers would love to discover more about you and your new book.  When you talk about paranormal entities visiting you, what do you consider them to be?

VCF:  I have given this alot of thought.  I think I have been visited by 3 kinds of beings.  When I was little, living in my grandmother's house, it was definitely dark and evil entities.

As a young adult, I saw in my dreams...alien beings that I interacted with on a nightly basis.  Then I asked to see with my own eyes....and was revealed to me in a lucid dream an angel of light or a spirit of light.  I do not know exactly who they are.  But it feels like I know them.

TOC:  You say that you were forced to grow up in a haunted house.  Tell us a little more about this experience and the impact it had on you.

VCF:  My Mom and Dad had gotten a divorce, and Mom moved all of us into her Mother's house (my Granny).  I felt uncomfortable at the beginning.  I was 8 years old.  I kept hearing people walking around at night.  I heard clapping sounds...thousands of people clapping.  I could hear a rocking chair creaking back and forth.  I told people what I felt and what I heard but they just laughed at me.

TOC:  How does it make you feel when people try to discount your experiences?

VCF:  For some reason, it doesn't make me feel bad at all.  I know what I felt and what I saw.  It doesn't matter what they think.  There are always people out there who do know what I am talking about because they have the same experiences.

TOC:  Why do you think that these entities choose to visit certain people, and not others?

VCF:  I think they visit everyone.  Just certain people know they are there.

TOC:  Do you think that most of your experiences stem from growing up in the haunted location?

VCF:  No.  I think I am extremely sensitive and I can feel them where ever they may be living.  I will never forget one time visiting a friend of mine in her new apartment.  This was in Atlanta and these apartments were very old.  I immediately felt sick to my stomach....made a mental note that I would NEVER  have a girls night out at this place.   I felt a heaviness.  Someone was watching me.  Later on I found out from her that when she was exploring the atic area for the building.....she was up there and a hideous growling sound came at her.  She got out of there as fast as she could.  She told the other tenants this story during a barbeque.  They told her: "Oh so you've met the little people that live here."  She asked them what they were talking about.  They in flat terms told her that a group of "little people"  lived within the walls of the building and come out at night.  They don't like people coming into the attic.
Well, I already knew crap was going on in that building.  And today, if I ever drive by it...I feel it long before I see it.

TOC:  Did these haunting's affect other members of your family or did it single you out?

VCF:  Well, as a matter of fact, it also affected my cousin and Aunt who lived there after we moved out.  My cousin Michelle Hughes saw a little girl standing at the foot of the bed....she had no mouth. 

TOC:  How often are you visited by this beings today?

VCF:  I am not visited by them any more.  I found out that all you have to do is tell them...NO MORE.....and they will stop.  It's like somewhere in the past, you had invited them in.

TOC:  Has anything positive come out of the experiences you've had?

VCF:  Yes.......the last lady that came to see me was a very positive one.
However, I was so frightened by it, I just said "no more".
It's been years now,   but I have recently decided, I want to see her again.

TOC:  So tell us a little more about your background in entertainment.  We've heard that you use to be a puppeteer? 

VCF:  Yes, I love puppets.   My acting teacher in college was friends with a lady who ran a local T.V. kids show on the NBC affiliate.  She needed help from students for the production of the show.  So I became a weekly guest on Young World.   I did my little puppet "Artie Bear".  We filmed on Monday and the show came on each Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  I will never forget it when my puppet got to sing "Mother of Mine"  to my Mom on Mother's Day.  She saw it air on Mother's Day Sunday.

TOC:  Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?

VCF:  They can visit my Blog, Facebook page, and also watch a video image of my book on Youtube.  Find the book on Amazon. aware that you will feel and relive with me....all.

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