Monday, March 4, 2013

Nome, Alaska - UFO Abductions?

What if the Northern Lights of Alaska really signify more than just a beautiful gift of nature?  What's really going on in Nome, Alaska and is there a story worth investigating concerning Alien abductions?  At Tears of Crimson we love fiction, but there are times when reality is much more intriguing, and that's how we feel about the stories coming from Nome.

We know readers of this blog expect the paranormal, and would assume some of you at least have watched the X-Files.  There was a particular story that came to our minds when this story first came up as a blog post.  The one from the X-Files where the government was actually doing secret testing on subjects and were able to play it off by convincing the civilians that they saw UFO'S or aliens therefore rendering their stories as fluff.  At Tears of Crimson, we actually believe things like this do happen, and behind every event that you believe is too far-fetched to believe, there is a real story.  Now we're not saying the FBI investigations in Nome are all some part of a cover up, but we're also not saying that it's not a possibility.  Confused yet?

Let's see  if we can unravel the mystery a little.  The re-release of the movie the Fourth Kind  in 2009 was said to be based on real events that happened when a Dr. hypnotized several patients and they all claimed to be hiding a subconscious secret of alien abduction.  In all the cases, the patients saw a large white owl and when they tried to move past the image of the owl, things would happen to either drive them insane or cripple their bodies.  Pretty interesting from a movie standpoint, but what about the supposed real cases that led to the creation of the movie?  That's what we were interested in.

In 2005, according to the Anchorage Daily News, the FBI was called in to investigate a chain of disappearances and suspicious deaths.  The case files go back to the 1960's and there have been 10 (as of 2005) of these same cases, leading them to believe it was a serial killer.  Now Universal has been said to have created some of these fake news stories leaking out, which again makes us question the real story.  So the question really is, did any of these events ever happen or was this a conspiracy by the media to sell a movie, or a cover-up by the government for something even more sinister?  Definitely a strange story that we thought deserved a mention and we'd love to know what you think.

While the story of Nome may actually be a hoax, there was something else that caught some of our researchers eyes.  The fact that things of a very advanced time frame showing up in biblical texts that these people should have no clue about.  It's not the first time the idea has been brought up, but with the Alien abduction theory being thrown about, it definitely has  renewed our interests. One thing that can't be doubted is that people have been discussing the possibility of alien life forms for longer than any of us reading this have been alive.  From Roswell  (to which our owner has a vested interest in uncovering more about since her grandfather often mentioned mysterious things happening when he worked in the Cor in that area) to eleven million people undergoing hypnosis and recalling abductions, there is some sliver of truth that we just haven't uncovered yet.

From biblical times people have reported strange lights in the skies or foreign objects that didn't belong in that time or place.  The truth is sometimes much more interesting than fiction, but we'll let you be the judge of which is real and what is utter nonsense.  Until next time, thanks from Tears of Crimson for listening to our rants!

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