Thursday, May 2, 2013

Southern Women - The What Not To Do Guide

The Etiquette Guide

Ever heard that old saying "You Don't Want To Mess With A Southern Woman"?  Well there's a reason why!  Southern women can be the most kind-hearted, giving, trusting people you've ever met, but if you cross one, you better be prepared for a life-long feud.  There's a moral code in the South, we help others and stick together when the going gets tough.  For those of us outside the city limits that bond is even stronger.  We still depend on each other in times of trouble.  Many things have changed in the South and we are just as tech savvy as the rest of the United States (a fact still unknown to some people) but when it comes to how we handle our problems, let's just say that we protect our own.

If you show up at my house on any weekend, there's always going to be the offer of great food and friendship.  Friends that stop in understand that, and also know that you respect the rules of the land.  Our friends know if they ever need anything, and it's within our means, we'll do our best to take care of them.  On that same principle, if we ever needed anything we could go to them and ask for the same in return.  It's called mutual respect, and the topic of today's conversation on Tears of Crimson.

Tears of Crimson is my home on the web, and the people that stop in here, I consider friends.  If I can help you in any way, and again if it's within my means, I'm going to do it.  That being said, when you come into my house and try to disrupt the peace I'm going to hold you accountable.  If you turn into one of those people that are like a sheep in wolves clothing, you're going to be shown the door.  Have a nice day, it was nice knowing you, and don't let the front door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!  Couldn't resist, always wanted to say that in a post.  But seriously, Tears is a place for great friends, and fun and anyone attempting to disrupt our happy little nest ... well just remember the above saying "You don't want to mess with a Southern Woman".

Now most of you probably have no idea why I've decided to take a stand on the soap box today, because I do my very best to keep any negativity behind the scenes.  Spam is only one reason I began moderating comments on the blog.  There are a few people who have taken it upon themselves to spew some very nasty lies that they aren't willing to back up in a court of law.  Malicious rumors, temper tantrum statements and even childish threats were issued.  Some of them came attached with a name (for those people at least you had the courage not to hide) other's by fake or anonymous user names, which really just annoy me because if you have something to say be an adult and don't hide behind the curtain.  

Something I've learned over the years is that people spewing off hatred usually do so because they are frustrated at their own lack of success.  It's much easier to blame someone else for your failures instead of going out there and working toward making your life what it should be.  Back when I began Tears of Crimson in 2009, I knew what my goals were and for years I kept pushing until doors finally started to open.   There were no hand outs and I put eight or more hours in a day, pushing toward a goal that I refused to give up on.  Hard work and dedication, that's what works and if you're not willing to put that in, then don't blame others for your lack of motivation.

For the friend's of Crimson, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to be so supportive.  For all those malicious rumor spreaders, find a new place to stalk, you're not welcome here.  Consider this the Private Property area of Friend's of Crimson and be on your merry way.  Vulgar language, threats, or any immature variation of the previous will be dealt with publicly from this point forward.  To put it simply, if you don't like what we're doing here, why are you here?  If you feel obligated to continue slithering around in the back alley, maybe you should consider working on making your own life better.  

This is that Southern woman you rarely get to see because I was raised to show Southern hospitality.  And let me just quote  "American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God."


  1. As a fellow Southern lady, I must say, you did us proud. Preach, Sister girl, preach!

  2. Thanks Sebella! I wish I didn't have to. My motto has always been live and let live, but some people just don't know when to stop. I had a Southern Baptist Preacher when I was young, be careful what you wish for LOL! I don't think I'll ever forget that man! He could scare an atheist straight! That being said I have friends from all walks of life, they know where I stand, I know where they stand. Every person chooses a road that works for them. As long as you don't tread on my belief I sure won't tread on yours.


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