Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eric Northman Obsession (Spoiler Warning)

A Warning:  If you don't want sneak peaks into HBO's True Blood stop reading now.   For the record I do not own any rights to True Blood, Harris, or affiliate myself with HBO.  Not by choice, but because they aren't smart enough to hire me as their writer *grins* 

Watching Eric cry is just heartbreaking.  As in tears streaming down my face and I want to smack someone in the face.  Sure I know it's a 'show' but watching his is so emotional that sometimes I have to remind myself that he's probably somewhere off in LA smiling while my hearts breaking for his loss.  Tonight's episode of True Blood left me aching for the sexy vampire god.  Let me just put this out there:  While I love the show, Eric is the reason I watch.  He could be selling hair gel on television and I'd be his biggest fan.

Tonight Eric loses his sister Nora.  And while I have no emotional ties to her *grinning* the thought that it hurt Eric was just like a punch in the gut.  Everyone else in the show can disappear and they could call it the Eric show and that would be easier than watching him with blood red tears falling down his face.  Obsessed?  Yep that would be me.  If there was a Fangtasia and he existed there I'd be the chick who'd be his personal body guard and take a stake for him.  So yeah I'm way over on the other side of crazy for this vamp.

Which leads me into the rant I've been putting off for weeks with the last Southern Vampire Mystery Book.  I almost didn't read it because when I heard that Eric didn't get Sookie, Harris lost her pedestal.  I loved this writer for bringing this beautiful viking to life.  But just as she made me love Eric Northman my blood ran cold when she gave away the one thing he desired above all others, Sookie.  I have a hate/love relationship with Sookie.  I mean her fictional character has the heart of my dream lover, so you know how that goes.

Giving her to Sam was the biggest slap to the face for any Eric Northman lover.  Add to that he ends up looking like a wussy for not kicking ass and facing the true death to prove his love and you've got one angry obsessed fan.  Now as far as taking things into the real world and being an idiot?  Books, movies and any other art form belongs in fantasy world.  The only real world fact for me is that I will never read Harris again.  Did I mention I was obsessed?

I have mixed feelings concerning this because I actually decided to write my own books after falling under the trance of Harris's world.  She was my hero and it breaks my heart that those characters she crafted with such loving care were destroyed with one inconsiderate ending.   The argument from other's is that Eric was her character and it was her choice.  I agree with that.  Just as it's my choice to walk away from her writing.  Nothing personal except that she did the one thing no book series has every managed to do:  Make me angry enough to refuse to read her work again.  So I guess it was personal?

True Blood was given another season next Summer and my only hope is that the writers of that show realize that screwing with the viking god will make many people angry enough not to ever watch anything they write again.  Just saying!  Obviously, I would be one of those viewers.  Kudo's to the fan fiction writers who are rewriting the last book and giving us the closure we wanted.  The invitation at Tears of Crimson is open to share your views of how the book should have ended.

I don't visit Comic Con or any other event to seek out a true meeting with the person that portrays Eric.  That to me would be too stalkerish and even though I admit crying over a lost opportunity in meeting him New Orleans, I realize that some things are better left in fiction.  Besides Eric is much hotter in my dreams than Alexander could be in real life.  That vampire sex appeal is what makes him so amazing.  That's one fantasy I'd like to keep in my dreams and not destroy with real life meetings.  

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