Sunday, August 18, 2013

Radioactive - The Season Finale of True Blood

Radioactive would be the right word if you consider True Blood just blew up.  As in worst season ending ever, vampiric disaster of epic proportions. To the writers, obviously they thought showing Eric's package was enough of a send off for the only reason this writer has ever watched True Blood.  Bad call.  Sorry as delightful as the sexy Viking God is, having a glimpse of the full monte was not worth the lack of screen time for the finale.

If it wasn't enough of a slap in the face this year that Harris decided to end her series with Eric being nothing less than a lap dog, HBO decides to add insult to injury and have the VILF meet the sun.  Which leaves me at the same place I felt with Harris, insulted.  Sookie ends up with Alcide instead of Sam, either way you look at it it's a dog.  I say ends because this ends my time with True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Regardless of an upcoming season I just won't be around to watch.

All good things come to an end and I wish I could leave this season thinking good thoughts.  Unfortunately what I'm left with is a bad taste in my mouth and former dreams of a sexy Viking God that never got to see his moment in glory.  On a positive note for myself, the Eric Northman obsession is now over.  Goodbye dream lover!  In memory I'll leave you with my favorite fan fic story written years before.

Goodbye Dream Lover

Goodbye Dream Lover - The Waterfall 2009 by Michelle Hughes writing as Cara Faith Donovan

Sinking down into the steaming water, she allowed her thoughts to come back to the Sheriff. Tonight she would discover if he agreed to the date she had wrote him about, and the request for her freedom. This wasn't a request she had made lightly of him, she knew that he had the power to destroy her if he so chose to do so. She had taken great risks to protect her heart, and hoped dearly she wouldn't regret that decision later tonight.

As the scent of lavender filled the room from her bath, she imagined what life would have been like had they met at a different place at time. She wondered if she would have had the opportunity to be his love before he had been turned. There had been many nights that she imagined a life like that with him, and those fantasies had completely taken over the sense of reality of who he really was.

Their blood bond had faded and she knew his control over her was completely from her own heart. The dreams, the passion, the thoughts all of the things she wished to be, they were slowly destroying her inside. The decision to write and ask him to let her go, it had been almost like a letter to her own soul, needing to find a way to heal her heart from the grasp he had upon it. She knew what the coming months or even years would bring to her without that love, and knew she would ask one more favor of him before they parted ways.

Getting dressed, she tried to remember all the things he commented on enjoying in a woman. She wanted him to remember her if only in some small way, and wanted to call to his every sense if he showed up tonight for their date. As she stood looking the mirror at her own reflection, she knew if nothing else he would find her appealing this evening. Taking a deep breath she walked downstairs and asked Ana to take her to their meeting place.

As Ana left her alone under the street lamp in the park, her thoughts were filled with so many emotions that it made it almost impossible to think. Her greatest fear was that he wouldn't show up, and she would spend the rest of her life in agony wanting something so completely out of reach that it would eventually destroy her. She stood there afraid to move, her heart pounding, emotions overwhelming her wishing beyond all hope he would allow her this kindness.

She heard his seductive voice call out to her, “I am here Cara,” and caught her breath turning to look at him. He was so incredibly beautiful, and she couldn't pull her eyes away from him as she memorized every inch of the perfection he was, knowing she never look upon another with the same loving adoration. Her hand trembled as she lifted it to the necklace she was wearing, the one he had given her not so long ago.

“An interesting choice of locations for our date tonight,” he told her while smiling that smile that made her heart race and hold her breath. She couldn't speak as he walked toward her, knowing she would have to find her voice and the courage to request the last favor she would ever ask of him, but needing a few moments to compose herself before doing so. Lifting her hand, he kissed her palm and she worried that she would faint and ruin everything she had planned tonight. “I thought this date would never come,” his words almost toppled her over the edge.

Taking a few deep breaths she blushed and whispered softly, “I thought it would never come as well.” She lowered her eyes for a few moments because staring into his eyes she was afraid she would forget everything except standing here alone with him. She could feel him looking at her, and lifted her eyes back to his not willing to waste one moment of their time together over her own modestly.

Smiling down at her he said quietly, “You have wanted this for some time Cara, to have me all to yourself for a night.” She couldn't deny the truth and would not have anything but honesty between them. “Sheriff, it has been the one dream that I have wanted more than anything else in this world,” feeling her lips tremble as she admitted that truth to him. The smirk she came to love found his face as he spoke, “You paid a steep price to make it happen, and I can only hope to live up to your expectations.”

She blushed even deeper, knowing she would have given her life to have had this date with him, and the money was worthless in comparison to this moment, here alone at last. Knowing she would lose her courage if she didn't act quickly she whispered, “Would you allow me to show you something,” her hand trembled as she held hers out for him to take. It was a brave move for her, and she hoped he wouldn't deny her simple request.

She had planned this night out for what seemed liked forever in her mind, but all of her well laid plans disappeared except for the one that involved her waterfall. She remembered every fantasy she had ever had of him making love to her there, forgetting that he could read her thoughts as easily as he could his own. Those thoughts were so steamy that they could have made an experienced woman flush and she was certainly not experienced.

He took her hand and she couldn't help but let out a soft sigh of relief. “Of course my dear,” he smiled as he felt her trembling hand in his knowing from her thoughts the gift she sought to give him tonight. He allowed her to lead him down a path deep into the park, it was a path that had not seen many people he noted from the lack of the wear on the earth. He could see in her thoughts that it was place she considered her own private oasis and he would be the only one she would ever share it with.

She couldn't read his thoughts, and hoped he wouldn't find her to overly brazen as she lead him deeper into the woods, the sound of the rushing waterfall slowly being heard as they walked farther in. This was the only gift she could offer him and in truth he was the one that would be giving her a gift if he allowed her request. Stopping in front of the waterfall she gathered up the courage to ask him what she had been thinking about since she wrote the letter and left it with Pam at Fangtasia that night.

Looking deeply into his eyes, she willed her heart to stop racing, “You owe me nothing Sheriff,” she spoke the words as bare whisper, “but I ask you anyway, give me this one night, all of you, and then let me go.” As she spoke the words she fought to keep the tears that pooled behind her eyes to not fall. Her heart ached as she uttered the words that felt as if she had driven a knife into the tender flesh.

Standing there with him all she could think of was never having another moment with him like this one, and the overwhelming love that moved through every fiber of her being. Keeping the pain at bay was possibly the hardest thing she had ever done, but knew that to sink into an emotional despair here and now would end any chance of him giving in to her request.

She saw the emotions cross his face from rage, to anger, to what seemed like a moment of tenderness, and knew she could only be seeing what she wanted to at that time behind her blurred vision as the tears threatened to fall again. She wanted him so desperately, needed to fill his arms around her, his lips on hers, to end the madness that had filled her since the night he had tasted her.

He read her thoughts easily and considered for long moments keeping her and not allowing her to break the bond she seemed to so desperately need. He always took what he wanted and was angered somewhat at himself at allowing this girl to stir even one shred of emotion that he had long since buried deep within himself. But he could feel her pain as strongly as if it were his own. Knew without doubt she would destroy herself if he allowed this to continue.

He could see it in her eyes, hear it in her thoughts, she would rather die than live knowing she couldn't have him all to herself. For the first time in a long time he allowed a trace of compassion to find him. She was his and he would possess her, giving her what she asked but leaving her with a memory of passion she would never forget. He would be her first and no other would be able to claim the gift she offered so freely for him only tonight.

As he pulled her into his arms with a suddenness that took her breath away, she threw her arms around his neck, molding her body to his. Every ounce of passion she had kept deeply inside of her, she gave to him, her hands tangling in his hair holding him to her as their lips met. This was no gentle first encounter with fumbling hands and fear. She needed him so desperately that her only thought was falling into his arms and giving him every ounce of passion she possessed.

As his hand ran up her arms, she shivered her breath escaping in small gasps, as he lowered the straps of her dress, there was no modesty only stark need. She had no idea how to touch him, but she needed to feel him, her hands found his chest, memorizing the hard steel beneath her trembling hands a soft moan escaping her lips.

He captured her lips again and kissed her deeply her arms went around his neck again before allowing her nails to graze his back, needing more, urging him on without words. This was insanity, she thought briefly before she couldn't think at all, she needed him now, didn't want to wait, wanted to see him, feel him, touch him. She couldn't breathe the need was so overwhelming.

As he picked her up she wrapped her arms around his neck burying her face in his shoulder, trying to breathe, willing her heart to stop beating so fast. Carrying her to where the water cascaded over the rocks, he allowed her to slide down his body to her feet, standing before him, her eyes glazed with the passion she felt.

She felt his hands push the straps of her dress off her shoulders and her dress pooled at her feet, she didn't care wanted to feel his naked flesh against her, needed to know all the things that had filled her dreams The rest of her clothing was gone in an instant and she couldn't even think, wanted him to see her, needing to know he found her beautiful.

He took off his shirt, casting it aside without care, as he unfastened his belt and jeans she thought her heart would stop. Unable to take her eyes off of him, she watched in fascination as he came back to her the perfection of his body revealed to her eyes for the first time. It was enough to completely push her over the edge and take away all her thoughts, he was absolutely incredible and tonight, he was hers.

Pushing her back until they were standing against a rock under the waterfall, the warm water cascading over both of them, fueling her desire, and making her want him with a desperation that defied all reason. This her dream come true, and she was with the one who had the ability to master not only her body, but her heart as well.

As he pulled her back into his arms his lips trailed up to her throat, his fangs protruding showing her without words that he wanted her and her breath again came out in short pants. His hands were everywhere her breasts, cupping their fullness and suckling her deeply into his mouth. Arching her back up to meet his mouth she couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips, feeling the fire move through her that demanded fulfillment.

Picking her up with impatience he laid her back down on the rocks. His lips trailed across her quivering abdomen as her chest rose and fell with the heaviness of her breathing, his hand sliding between her thighs to find the treasure he sought, crying out softly as he caressed the tender folds that caused her to burn with even greater passion. She lifted her hips to meet his touch, her only thought was finding release from this painful pleasure that seemed to coil even tighter with every stroke of his fingers.

He played her body with knowing hands, finding every pleasure point until she was pleading with him for something she didn't truly understand but knowing he was capable of giving to her. “Please Eric,” she cried out way beyond any thought of modesty. Her nails dug deeper into his back feeling she was completely out of control, her body writhing beneath him, needing release from the torment he was creating inside of her.

With a growl of his own he moved back up her body parting her thighs with his legs as he settled in between them, looking down at her with a smile of pure domination. He knew exactly how she felt, had purposely fueled every bit of passion she possessed, wanting her to know who owned her body, and determined to take what was rightfully his.

She looked up at him and he noted with satisfaction that there was not a trace of fear in her eyes, only a desire that threatened to consume her if he didn't give her what she so desperately needed at the moment. “Please,” the plea fell from her lips again, knowing she would die if he didn't take her then, willing to beg him not caring what it took as long as he finally possessed her.

With one long thrust he claimed her innocence as his fangs sunk deeply into her neck at the same moment, taking what was his and branding her with his body. Crying out as she felt him fill her completely, the small pain almost non-existent as her body was so ready for him needing to take in every long inch of him. He drank deeply from her and remained completely still inside of her giving her body time to adjust to his invasion.

She caught her breath and held it feeling him so deeply inside of her that they seemed like one, her body stretching to accommodate him, her heart pounding as he drank from her this pleasure almost a close second to feeling him within her. He licked the small wound as it closed and his eyes found hers again, her legs wrapped around his waist as she pleaded with her eyes for him to give all of himself to her.

His lips found hers as he slowly pulled away, kissing her deeply as he thrust inside of her quivering flesh with a surprising tenderness giving her time to adjust to his large size. After several more thrusts she didn't want the gentleness, she wanted him to take her with all the passion her felt, loving him for his thoughtfulness, but needing to be possessed.

Reading her thoughts with a smirk he gave her what her mind demanded of him, taking her with every thrust to a new height of passion until she was screaming out his name into the night. “Eric,” the sound of his name echoed over the sound of the rushing water as her body came undone, her legs growing weak as the passion overcame her so completely she felt her whole world spin. With a few harder, long thrusts he found his own release his own growl filling the night air.

They lay together joined still for several minutes, her mind completely overwhelmed by the magic he had given to her. Never in her life had she imagined that making love could be so incredible, it was the most wonderful experience of her entire life and she smiled at him even as her body was completely unable to move after their encounter. His answering smile made her heart skip a beat. He lowered his lips to her and kissed her with a tenderness that caused her eyes to flood with tears and spill down her cheeks.

She wasn't sad at all, but it had been such an emotional experience that she couldn't stop crying. He pulled out of her quivering flesh and pulled her into his lap and allowed her tears. He knew from her thoughts what she was feeling and he caressed her hair as he allowed her the moment she needed, her face turned into his shoulder. As the tears subsided he wiped them from her cheeks with a smile.

Lifting her to her feet he carried her back to the waterfall standing her on her own feet and letting the water rush back over them. His hands pulled her hair back from her face and moved back enough from the water that he could kiss her again. She kissed him back and knew that he had gone out of his way to make this night a memory she would never forget. But as with all the dreams she had had of him, it was time now for her real experience to come to an end.

The sun would be rising soon, and her heart filled with pain knowing that this was the end of her dance with her Sheriff. As she pulled back and looked into his eyes, she tried to smile at him needing him to remember the night they had shared and not the pain that losing him was going to cause her. She turned away and gathered her clothes putting them on quickly needing a moment to control the emotions that threatened to overwhelm her.

He was able to read her thoughts of course and he dressed quickly, wanting her to find the happiness she deserved and determined not to spoil the night they had shared. He pulled her into his arms forcing a smile and soared into the night with her until they were in her bedroom. He helped her slide on a nightgown and tucked her into her own bed and reached down to kiss her lips tenderly one last time.

As she was left alone in her room, she allowed the tears to fall for everything he had been to her, and for the memory of this incredible night he had given to her. She would never forget him, he would be branded in her heart and mind for as long as time moved on. “Goodbye my love,” she whispered into the night allowing her tears to lull her to sleep.

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