Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Call of Souls - The New Erotic Paranormal Romance

Getting back to the paranormal romance has been an insane ride, so I decided if I was going there ... well it was going to be my way.  If you'd read some of my other works, like Sin or 10 Nights you know I love writing sexy love scenes.  What better way to bring back the sexy than adding in a little Incubus, Nephillim, Werewolf, and Vampire hotness?  In my opinion there isn't a better way!

So what happens when a Rock God decides he wants your soul?  And what if that Rock God was also a Cambion who was pretty much the Alpha and Omega over all the immortal's? I'll tell you!  You get a hot as hell sexy new series that starts with Kiera's Song.  It's been an insane journey writing this book and I won't even get into how many rewrites  have been done.  I will say my muse threw so much information at me that it was almost impossible to capture it all in one book!

Some of my favorite characters from Tears of Crimson find their way back as the setting for Call of Souls takes place in my favorite city in the world, New Orleans!  Let me just go ahead and throw out the warning that this book is definitely not for young adults.  If you haven't read the Tears of Crimson series, you won't be lost, but if you have then you'll understand a little more about the characters that play supporting roles.

Call of Souls is the reason I put the last Tears of Crimson Book on the backburner.  There are elements in this that will tie in the... well let's just say that I needed these gorgeous creatures to fulfill Cara and Rafe's destiny.  Kiera Burke and Caleb Love are the focus of Kiera's Song and their meeting is anything but tame.  We'll take some time to speak with them soon.

If you love paranormal and erotic this new adventure is one ride you don't want to miss.  I'll be releasing in October and will give a firm date when the editor finishes polishing up the script.  As always I'm accepting ARC reviews, so if you're interested just click the TOC mail logo on the front page.  I can't wait to share a little paranormal love with you guys Caleb style!

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