Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review of Raw - Bella Aurora *SPOILERS*

Have you ever got so angry after reading a book you had to share it with someone?  Okay, well how about reading a book that you hated so much you loved?  As in 5 star love, would give it more but they don't allow you to rate any higher, love/hate.  That's how Raw made me feel.  Spoiler Alert, because I'm about to dissect my thoughts here, like I didn't want to do on the major retail sites.  Raw left me feeling just that, torn apart, angry, amazed, frustrated, even thinking that some people just don't deserve to be on this earth.  So yeah, I think the book got to me.  The author claims it's not a love story, and she's right!  It's a great story that will make you want to consider physical violence to the characters and should be made into a movie!

I'm sitting here just trying to process what it is about this book that brought me to the point of wanting to rip these characters out of my Kindle, smack them around, and take them to the nearest psychiatric ward. Twitch is a sadomasochist with some serious mental issues, and that's being nice.  The guy needed to have his assets kicked until he hit the floor then should've been allowed to wake up only to have it happen again.  I hated him.  Not just, man what a jerk off kind of hate, I wanted to rip off his... well you know... and slap him in the face with it a few times.  So let's get to Lexi!

Lexi, I got her in the beginning.  She was almost raped by her stalker *might mention that Twitch was her stalker* who saved her from being raped, and she felt gratitude toward him.  So okay, when she gives in to his demented mindset the first time you could almost forgive her for being stupid.  But does she wake up?  Hell to the no, she continues to allow him to abuse her, and by abuse it's more mental in my opinion, because she just can't resist.  Cue me wanting to smack her around for being so stupid!

The things this man does are beyond what any sane woman would put up with.  And it just keeps going until you're ready to scream in frustration.  Then you get to the point where you decide if the stupid woman keeps going back, she deserves what she gets!   So I'm so mad now that I just think they both deserve each other and I'm reading along, rolling my eyes at their insanity, when the next hit comes!  Holy crap I was even madder than before.  You know what?  I'm not going to tell you what he did because I think you should suffer through it too!

I will say that I had no pity for Twitch in the end.  He got exactly what the hell he deserved and I went to bed smiling about it.  Can you tell I'm still angry?  So Raw is a book that I will never, as long as I live, ever forget.  I will say that I have never hated characters this much and at the same time loved what I was reading.  I recommend this book because it's just that unforgettable.  Is it a love story, uh no!  But it's an emotional journey that will leave you reeling long after the last page.

You can find all the links on the Goodreads page here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18468559-raw

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