Saturday, March 8, 2014

Michelle Hughes - Seduced Release Day

                           *Warning Sexual Content*

After losing her paralegal job for refusing to sleep with her boss, Zoey Summers is blacklisted from every law firm in New York. Fantasy's Bar & Grill is the last chance she has to work in the field. The owners of Fantasy's are notorious bad boy billionaires with deviant pursuits of pleasure that keep the paparazzi and lifestyle pages brimming with their exploits. When she discovers during the interview that they need her services for creating contracts for sexual fantasies, her eyes are opened to what’s really made the club the most sought after exclusive private membership that money can buy.

Zoey has sworn off sex after her past negative experience and is the last person who should be hired to negotiate pleasure, but a job is a job. Working for four of the sexiest billionaires in the city has its perks, but what happens when her new bosses offer her the chance to explore her own repressed sexuality?

Welcome to Fantasy's Bar & Grill, where the service is hotter than anything you could order from the menu. Your pleasure is our desire.

Seduced is book one in the Fantasy’s Bar and Grill Series

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“At Fantasy’s we offer something besides the socializing opportunities afforded to a bar.  We deal in pleasure, Ms. Summers.  Our clients are chosen by interview and only a few can afford the services we provide.”

The first red flag went up at his words and immediately I assumed prostitution.  “Is what you’re doing here legal?”  Please let it be legal, I thought to myself.  I really needed this job but my obvious feeling was there would be no need for confidentiality if the services provided were accepted under the law.

“I can see by the look on your face what you’re thinking, Ms. Summer.  But you’re wrong.  What we offer at Fantasy’s is perfectly legal and no we’re not pimps.”  Samson chuckled warmly and again I was hit with that overwhelming sense of desire that shocked me to my core.

“Then perhaps you need to explain what it is you do offer?”  Dear lord, I wanted to find out if those full lips felt as good as they looked speaking.  My libido was definitely out of control, a first for me.  Rachel was sitting in the chair being as quiet as I’d ever seen her.  Obviously she felt a little uncomfortable in his presence.

“While we do offer a version of sexual fantasy, the people that pay for our services don’t pay for sex.”  His beautiful lips lifted in a smirk.  “Of course if our clients decide to take it further, that’s at their discretion and we can’t be held accountable for those actions.”
This was throwing up another red flag.  The call girl services in town were able to fly under the radar by calling themselves a dating industry, but everyone knew what really happened behind closed doors.  “Perhaps you’d explain the sexual fantasies you offer.”  Before I got up and walked out that door hating myself for turning down such a great financial opportunity.

“To put it bluntly, whatever fantasy the client chooses.  BDSM, scenes from a romance novel, cowboys, Indians, Harem scenes, you name it and we bring their desires to life.  We have decorators that arrange the scene rooms, and I guess you could call them actors or actresses that help them live out the dream.”

Michelle lives in Alabama with her husband and four children.  As a former singer/songwriter, she began writing after leaving a successful career in music to raise her family.   Her love of romance began early in life when she use to “borrow” her grandmothers Harlequin romance novels.  When she began penning her own books she wanted to take those happily-ever-stories and spice them up with contemporary elements. 

Those who know her in real life say that she’s Betty Crocker when it comes to her home life and a deviant diva when it comes to her work.  There’s a hidden sex goddess in all of us, and Michelle enjoys sharing her fantasies with readers who enjoy a little extra spice in their reading adventures.


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