Monday, May 5, 2014

Fantasy's Bar & Grill Trilogy Tour Kicks Off Today!

We've been trying to keep this a well hidden secret until the Blog Tour, which kicked off today!    All three books in the Fantasy's Bar & Grill Series are now available in a book bundle.  Your favorite sexy,  bad boy, billionaires, show it all off and believe me the heat factor is off the charts.

Samson, Leon, Leif, and Miles are ready to show you just how far they are willing to go for the tempting little paralegal that rocked their world!  This Trilogy is intended for a mature audience and after reading the first book in the series, you'll understand why!

Welcome to Fantasy's where what we're serving behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu! 

After being fired from her paralegal job for refusing to sleep with her boss, Zoey is offered a new position writing up contracts for pleasure. Little did she know that her four new sexy bosses were just as interested in her skills outside of the office. The only difference this time is that she's more than a little interested in what these sexy billionaire playboys have to offer. 

Considering herself frigid after her one, and only lover gave her a crappy introduction into sexuality, she's not sure that what these gorgeous men offer is something to be feared or indulged in. Writing up sexual fantasy contracts is one thing, was Zoey ready to explore a few fantasies of her own? Even if she was, could four men be a little too much for a woman that believed pleasurable sex was one of the biggest lies men used to gain what they wanted in the bedroom? 

Fantasy's Bar & Grill Trilogy contains all three books from the series: Seduced, Devoured, and Consumed. 

*Warning* This book contains strong sexual situations.

“How long has it been since you allowed someone to pleasure you, Zoey?” My eyes opened in incredulity at Samson’s question.
“That’s,” I fumbled for the right words because it really did throw me off guard, “not something I talk about.”
“Obviously. You’re purring like a kitten in heat, so I’m guessing it’s been a long time.” Leif and Miles continued their massage and I met Samson’s eyes wondering if he was mocking me. He seemed very serious and instead of making me uncomfortable it made me horny. Of course it could be that the two sexy men rubbing my legs had a part in that too.
“It’s been my experience that sex is never good for the woman, so I don’t indulge.” I answered him honestly seeing no reason to be ashamed of how I felt about sexuality. I knew perfectly well just how open he was about the topic.
“Then the men you’ve been with are fucking idiots.” His arms crossed over his bare chest and he studied me. That’s the only way I could describe the way his eyes roamed from head to toe, seeming to take inspection.
“Or maybe men are just selfish assholes who only think about what gets them off?” There was no anger in my voice. I was so relaxed at the moment I couldn’t muster up any.
“I don’t consider myself selfish in that department. What about you guys?” He turned his attention to each of them and I wondered what point he was trying to make.
“Satisfying a woman is always first in my experience.” Leif continued his massage and my legs were very happy at the moment.
“I feel the same. If a woman doesn’t find pleasure in our fucking then I’m obviously not worth her trying again.” Leon called out from the kitchen, and I had to admit he looked very domesticated plating sandwiches.
“I think a woman’s body should be worshiped.” Miles moved his caress down to the soles of my feet and I nearly came undone. I obviously needed the touch of a man more than I thought.
“Words are easy.” This was the strangest conversation to be having while I was laying on a cot with just a towel covering me. Not that I wasn’t accustomed to strange discussions with these men. We’d never focused on me during them though.
“Maybe you should let us show you then.” Samson lowered to his knees at the head of the cot, and his hands moved to my temples, massaging in tiny circular motions.
For a moment their hands felt so incredible on me I was tempted to give in. Then sanity came back. “You’re my bosses. I don’t think us having sex would be a smart decision.” Not to mention having sex with four men wasn’t even possible, was it? Talk about a fantasy that needed to be added to the books.

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