Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coming Soon... Or Color Me Insane

I hope you're all having a wonderful week, first of all! Thank you so much for the hundreds of emails and facebook messages asking about upcoming books.  I want you to know that I'm working my fingers to the bone to bring you new material.  My Jack lovers are ready to tie me up and burn me at the stake I'm sure, but I promise I haven't forgotten about him!  He's so damned stubborn though, and I've rewritten his second book eight times. Seriously, I kid you not!  He demands perfection, and don't think he's going to let me give you anything but that.

Currently I'm working on three titles, Jack 2 being one, the second book to 1st, and the revamping of my original paranormal romance, Tears of Crimson.  To say that I'm a little insane at the moment would be putting it lightly! When I've wrapped those up, I have the second book for Fantasy Isle to finish, but I have to put down some limits or they'll be coming after me with the little white jacket.  It warms my heart more than you know when I hear from readers impatient for the next book in a series.  Alas, I'm only one person though, so I honestly can't work any faster than I already am.

Currently I'm writing three hours a day, which is all my addled mind can handle with my family responsibilities. I'll admit to slacking Halloween weekend, but hey it was New Orleans, what can I say?  Speaking of that me and my gorgeous twins, along with my sexy sister had a blast during that weekend.  I think it was an 18th birthday my girls will never forget!  That trip also helped fuel the muse by reminding me why I loved New Orleans so much, and has kicked the Tears of Crimson ReVamp into overdrive!  So I'd say it was a weekend well spent.

Don't give up on me!  I promise that I'll deliver your men into those hands as soon as they finish telling their stories.  I might add a few of them may have a red arse by the time I'm done, because I have to keep them in line.  Imagine a room full of men trying to get their stories out all at once!  I'm exhausted keeping the testosterone level manageable.  Some of them have started calling me Mistress Michelle, because I'll be honest I've cracked the whip to keep those boys in line!   Seriously though, I'm having a great time and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me on track!

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.  I try to answer all emails and posts, but since I'm limiting myself on social media to write, it may take me a little longer than before.  Without all you wonderful friends, I can definitely say I could never have dreamed to have a career like this.  I love you more than you'll ever know.  Until next time, have a beautiful week!


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