Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halo. Vapour Company UK - Review

Hey Folks,  Michelle here and doing an e-juice review for a company out of the UK called e-cigarette direct,  Halo. Vapour Co.  They were nice enough to send me three bottles to review and an awesome tee, which you'll see below, for an honest review.  I tested these out on my 100w I stick, with a nautilus mini tank (which by the way offers incredible flavor).  So take a minute and read my opinion about these juices, while remembering taste is subjective.  In other words, what I love may not be your cup of tea!

So let's start off with my favorite of the three (which is probably a little biased on my end because I love coffee to begin with).  Halo. Coffee cream was a succulent blend of delicious coffee with a touch of Irish cream.  This blend was smooth, and to be honest simply delightful.  I could easily vape this over and over and lick my lips after.  A definite winner in my book, and one I'll add to my favorite vapes.  Trust me I'm pretty picky, and not many make it there.  You can pick up your bottle here:

Second on the list was Halo. Crazy Custard.  Slightly sweet and I definitely got the light touch of cinnamon on exhale.  This is my type of custard and was creamy with just the right touch of spice. Simply a delight to vape, and another that I would definitely vape again.  You can purchase your own bottle:

Passion Fruit from Halo.  Get ready to have your mouth pucker with an intense Grapefruit explosion laced with touch of sweetness.  I have to admit I wasn't ready for the 'in your face flavor' this ejuice offered and thought I wasn't going to enjoy it, but I did.  It's an experience I haven't really gotten before and if sour candy is your idea of a great vape, this one will be for you.  Just be prepared for some intense flavor because it's holy sin in your face flavor that isn't easy to get off your palate after vaping it.  They say passion fruit, but since I've never tasted passion fruit, I have to go with the flavor it reminds me of and that's grapefruit.  It reminds me of putting sugar sprinkles on top of a very sour grapefruit..  You can pick this bottle up here:

The Sexy Tee Halo. sent with their juices, which I must say I really like!  

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