Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Win a Harley Davidson Tee - And Get Stoned!

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Get Stoned Tonight!

Stone rolled into my life leaving me shattered years ago, now seeing him again might destroy what's left of my heart.  I threw myself into his arms and he rejected me because my brother was his best friend, now the only thing that's changed is my age.

He's everything I'm not, a tattooed, motorcycle riding bad boy to my just graduated college, always followed the rule good girl persona.  I can't deny the attraction I have for him, but giving into that lust could destroy my heart. 

Now that my big brother's got himself messed up with the Outlaws biker club, the only person I can turn to for help is Stone.  Pretending to be his bitch might be the biggest acting job of my life.  I just hope saving my brother doesn't destroy my soul.

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    I hadn’t seen him in five years, and still my heart raced in my chest like I was still that sixteen-year-old girl he’d left longing.  My heart had been left shattered, and I swore I’d never forgive him for leading me on.  That seemed like forever ago and looking back I guess he did the right thing.  I was no match for a man like him.  I’d been sheltered my entire life and he was my first crush and my brother’s best friend. 
   Stone Maverick.  Even his name would make a girl quiver as if the sight of him didn’t do that enough on its own.  Six feet three inches of pure muscled, tattooed strength that left your body aching to run your fingers over every detailed sketch.  Dark blue eyes that could tempt a saint, and a smile that would leave your panties dripping wet.  I wanted to be anywhere but here!
    “Eden?” My name falling off those sexy lips left me speechless for a moment as I tried to get my head back together.  Easier said than done when my libido jumped through hoops and my knees felt weak while taking in his god-like physique.  It had to be a sin for any man to look this good.
Remembering why I was here, the heat in my blood simmered down long enough to speak. “We need to talk.” I was proud that my voice came out without the tremor it used to have whenever I spoke with him.  My insides were tied in knots, but I refused to let him know how he affected me.  After all I’d been nothing but an afterthought to him so he deserved nothing better in return.  If I hadn’t needed his help, I wouldn’t be here.

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