Wednesday, April 27, 2016

YOU DON'T KNOW JACK (2) - Michelle Hughes

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You thought you knew Jack, but he’s back and even more of a sonofabitch than before.  Just how much can Emily take before she realizes playing in his world means giving up all control?  Jack plays for keeps and he has no intention of losing his family.  Is she any match for the man who can make grown men beg forgiveness?  Is it possible that she’s got something that even he can’t resist?

It’s time to discover the truth behind Jack, but be warned. Once you walk in his world all innocence is shattered.  He’s gorgeous but demanding, intriguing but vengeful, there are so many shades to Jack that discovering the man behind them all may be impossible.  You thought you knew.  Trust me when I say….You Don’t Know Jack!

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