Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited - Does It Work for Authors?

I'm taking a step back from promoting books once a month to share insight on promotion for authors, and this month I'll be researching the Kindle Unlimited program via Amazon.  I've pulled all of my books into this format for the next three months and I'll check in each month to let you know what sales have looked like under this platform.  Could it work?  Will it bomb?  Time will tell and I'll give you realistic numbers to back up my information.

Amazon let's you know at the 15th of each month what the royalties were for the previous month, so I'll touch base again on that date to show you where I'm at.  I'll be honest, Amazon is my top selling platform, so I've been debating on this move for a while now.  I average about $350 a month from other sales outside of Amazon, so if it tops that mark, I'll say it's a success.  If it doesn't, then I'll consider it a failure.  iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo are the ones I was making those profits through with a base from Amazon at around $1100 a month.

With all that being said, a bestselling book could easily change that number and that has to be taken into account as well while doing this research.  So what I'm basing my numbers on is pulling in greater than $1450 per month from Amazon alone while using the Kindle Unlimited program. I'm working on a new site that's strictly promotion for authors and you can find that here: Below  (after the startup chart) are the books I'll be watching if you'd like to keep up with me.

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