Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kelly D. Smith - Rock Stars Are Fun

Paige has a policy that she lives by. Musicians are only good for one thing--fun. She doesn't expect it to turn into anything more. But Kyle Kent isn't the type to give up easily. Paige is just his type--damaged. Adding in the fact that she is his best friend's girlfriend's best friend makes everything all the more clear. He's going to win her over, and he's got the inside scoop and a convenient excuse to keep slipping over to her place. But Paige isn't one to easily be won over. She decided a long time ago that she didn't want relationships, and that isn't something she's going to change her mind about. However, she can't deny she's attracted to Kyle and that he's everything she could want. Is she willing to let go of the past and give him a chance? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Kelly D. Smith is a 21 year old romance writer from Canada. She lives in the prairies with her husband and her dog, who contributes to many walks of inspiration! When she is not writing she can be found looking for fellow Canadian authors, or just devouring a good book.

Growing up home-schooled gave her time to follow her passion- writing- so that she could turn it into a full time career and is now able to wake up every day to a job that she loves. 

“What are my options?” He sounded surprised.
“Ribbed, heating, ultra-thin.” At least those were her favorites. Though it doesn’t look like Kyle needs an ultra-thin.
Instead of answering her, Kyle closed the distance between them, reaching down and grabbing a random one. He stopped, catching sight of what else she had in the drawer. She turned to look at him. “Was there something else you wanted to use?”
A wide grin spread over his face. “That depends on what you’re in the mood for.”
Paige, to say the least, had a wide selection of things and highly believed in trying everything at least once.
She stood up. “Get whatever you want.”
She padded back to the bed and crawled onto it.
Kyle came back seconds later, a pair of handcuffs and a vibrator in his hand, along with a butt plug. Paige looked him up and down. “That worried about how well you’ll do?” she teased.
Kyle laughed. “No, sweetheart, just want to make sure I’m the best fuck you’ll ever have. And didn’t want to have to get up again if I wanted something else.”
Paige’s grin widened. Her heart raced with anticipation.
“Turn around.” He motioned for her to turn. She nodded and did as she was told, resting on her knees. As she heard the handcuffs move, she placed her hands behind her back, seconds later feeling cold metal against her wrists. She closed her eyes. She took a deep breath as Kyle’s lips touched the nape of her neck, softly trailing along her back, lower and lower. His hands touched her ass gently. She inhaled sharply as a shiver of arousal ran down her spine.
Kyle’s lips worked their way back up to her neck, and over to her shoulder ever so gently. One hand traced over the curves of her body, tangling into her hair and finding a happy home. His other hand left her ass.
Paige gasped, her eyes rolling back as her pussy tingled, wanting to feel Kyle inside her. She didn’t dare say it—not yet. She took a deep breath as Kyle’s hand moved away from her ass again. She felt him press himself against her, his thick cock resting between her legs.
His fingers left her hair as he pulled away from her. She turned to see what he was doing. Yes. She watched as she tore into the condom wrapper and placed it over his thick cock. He looked at her.
“Turn around.” He raised an eyebrow.
Paige’s heart skipped a beat as she did what she was told. She heard her vibrator turn on. She gasped, feeling it against her clit. Her eyes rolled back as his hips buckled against it. Kyle’s cock pressed against her, his free hand touching the small of her back, pushing her down gently. Her face hit the bedding as she felt his head against her folds.
The vibrator buzzed against her clit, Kyle’s head pressing against her. Paige bit her lip, waiting.
Her heart raced, waiting longer and longer.
Kyle thrust into her, fast and hard. Paige gasped, her eyes rolling back as pleasure and pain overwhelmed her. Kyle’s warm hand touched the small of her back gently as he pulled away and thrust back into her. This time, softer.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Paige moaned, her eyes rolling back. She inhaled sharply.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Kyle’s free hand ran over her back softly, making its way up to her bound hands. His fingers tangled together with hers, pulling her up softly. Paige moaned louder as his lips touched her neck ever so gently.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Kyle’s lips traced over Paige’s skin, sending shivers of pleasure over her skin. She moaned louder, her eyes rolling back as Kyle filled her with every thrust. Deeper, faster, harder. Everything Paige wanted without her having to tell him.
The vibrator buzzed against her clit. Pleasure overwhelmed Paige. She could feel her orgasm building as Kyle thrust into her faster and faster, his thick cock filling her.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” Kyle whispered against her ear, his hot breath against her skin. Paige grinned.
He wasn’t the first musician to say this to her, and she knew he wouldn’t be the last, but knowing that he thought she was tight, despite all the girls he’d probably fucked, did feel like a bit of a bragging right—not that she’d be bragging about it to anyone.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Faster and faster. Harder and harder. His lips touched hers softly, his teeth grazing her lower lip. Paige moaned softly, her free hand reaching up and tangling into his hair. Their kiss grew more passionate, their lips crashing together. Paige nipped his lower lip gently, begging permission. His mouth opened as her tongue slipped into his mouth, exploring.
Kyle thrust into her again and again.
He pulled away just enough to take a deep breath. His lips touched her neck, teeth nibbling gently, slowly making their way over every inch of her neck they could reach.
The vibrator buzzed against her body. Pleasure overwhelmed her.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Paige moaned, her hips arching against his every thrust. Kyle filled her like no one had in a long time. Paige’s moans grew louder.
Kyle’s eyes locked on her. His lips touched her cheek softly, moving to her ear lobe. He nibbled gently. He thrust into her faster. Paige adjusted the vibrator, massaging herself with the head of it.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
Paige’s eyes rolled back as everything went a hazy white. She inhaled sharply.
“I’m fucking close,” she moaned.
Kyle thrust into her faster. Harder.
Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.
“Come for me.”
His hot breath against her as he spoke, his cock deep inside her, thrusting. It was enough to send her over the edge.

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