Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Tears of Crimson Saga Continues

Welcome back to the world of Tears of Crimson, the New Orleans Vampire Bar!  It's been a long journey returning home, but for immortals, time knows no meaning.  I'm excited to announce two new books into the time capsule:  Rafe (the Prequel for Tears of Crimson) and Immortal Embrace the story of Gabriel and Shanna.  Immortal Desires, the book that follows Caleb will release late May of 2017, so be on the lookout for that.  Since the mortal life is short, let's talk about the new books in the series.

This is a short prequel that I'm giving away free.  It follows Rafe's thoughts during the dreams between himself and Cara and also gives a background into the Fallen prior to their fall.  Available everywhere free.  Book Links

Before Tears of Crimson, there was Rafael. Fans of The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight get ready for the world that will leave your soul longing. 

Her soul called to me in desperation and in my darkness, I found light once more. Tempted by her innocence, I vowed not to destroy her even though everything I am demanded she be mine. Her blood, her body, and the call of her soul tormented and delighted my senses. Would I be strong enough to deny fate or could my Cara become another victim of my wickedness?

I was cursed to walk through this human world, living on the blood of those I’d once promised to protect. Cloaked in secrecy, veiled in deceit, our race was the basis for monsters and myth. Vampire, werewolf, witch, incubus, and other forms of supernatural. The truth was much darker than they could imagine. Drawn to the one thing we no longer possessed, purity, we had the power to destroy them all.

My sweet beautiful human wanted me to be her salvation. If she only knew I was death waiting to consume all she offered, Cara would have run from the dreams instead of begging me to make them real. She is my punishment, a test from the heavens and I know I’ll fail. Eternal love or damnation, what choice was that to offer her soul? 

Kindle Scout Author, Michelle Hughes breathes new life into paranormal romance with a world of supernatural creatures and a love affair that will leave you breathless.

I know pain. I’ve lived it, breathed it, desperately fought it, and failed until he found me.. in my dreams.

Rafe saved me, but logically I knew he wasn't real… 

Now, my world has fallen apart again, and the only way to regain control of it is travel to the place where Rafe took me in those visions.

The streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans are my last chance at sanity. What I find through the doors of the Tears of Crimson nightclub could leave me wishing that insanity was my only fear.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight get ready for the world that will leave your soul longing.

He was the only hope I had in a lifetime of suffering. Gabriel, my angel, and salvation. Only in dreams did he come to me, pulling me into a world of peace that I couldn’t find in the real world. He sheltered my soul in his arms and I never wanted to leave our fantasy. Without him I was nothing. My heart ached for this dream to be real.

She was the light in the darkness, an innocent that I could never blemish. My beautiful Shanna, with a heart so pure it reminded me of who I once was. My soul was tainted, body cursed, cast down from the heavens to become a creature of eternal night. How could I allow her to walk in my world when everything I was would destroy her?

Some promises were meant to last forever, but at what cost? Two souls lost in torment will discover what they could never control. Destiny. Will either of them survive the Immortal Embrace?

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