Monday, September 25, 2017

Sponsor our Live Vape Show on YouTube

The Vaping Crimson Girls is brought to you by international bestselling romance author, Michelle Hughes and Tears of Crimson.  As a strong vaping advocate, Michelle was very pleased to know that her twin daughters wanted to support her endeavor to get the word out about vaping to a large audience.  Kaitlin and Kayla are talented young women who know first-hand how vaping saves lives because they’ve seen it happen for not only their mother, but their grandmother as well.  It is there goal to give information to the public and to help current smokers find the help they need to quit by vaping. The twins are legal vaping age in their home state of Alabama and will turn 21 on October 30, 2017.

Sponsoring the Vaping Crimson Girls allows your company to reach into the social media fans and friends that Tears of Crimson has developed over the last eight years.  Our current reach includes 13,000 twitter followers @MichelleHughes_, 4,000 Facebook followers (, and another 150,000 followers that come from her blogs, Pinterest, Linked In, and Tumblr fandom.  All of these social media links will be connected to promote your company until the Vaping Crimson Girls build their own following. 

The show will broadcast on YouTube each Wednesday night at 9 PM CST.  Other show dates and times maybe added in the future.  The first show begins September 20th here:  

How can a romance author backing help a vaping show?  Our goal is to educate everyone, not just vaping enthusiasts.  It is our belief that having people from every walk of life supporting the vaping industry helps keep it alive.  We can reach an audience that most vaping advocates haven’t tapped into.  Michelle is even working on a new book that focuses on vaping in a romance setting, which ties into the Vaping Crimson Girls theme.

We brought Tears of Crimson Publishing from an unknown entity in 2009 to a name that is now synonymous with romance readers everywhere.  We believe we can do the same thing for the Vaping Crimson world.  With your sponsorship, we have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before.  Our shows will always be classy and geared toward the education of new vaping individuals as well as the person who wants to quit smoking but hasn’t taken that step yet.  In the process, we hope to reach people that have an unfavorable view of vaping and changed their minds.   This is more than just a vaping show for Tears of Crimson.  We understand the harm big tobacco has caused over the years and how many people will die this year alone if they can’t kick the habit of smoking.  We want to reach the masses! 

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