Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It's Romancing the Vape Wednesday

The Crimson Girls will be going live tonight on Youtube 9 PM CST (7 PST, 8 MT) View the Vaping Crimson Youtube Channel  This month is VAPETOBER, which means if you're a smoker, you are challenged to stop smoking for the month and try vaping to help you quit!  To help make that happen, we're sharing the links below to affordable starter kits that we believe will give you the best possible chance to quit smoking.   Visit any of our Vaping Crimson pages if you have questions, or ask them tonight in our live stream.  We encourage you to invite every smoker you know to the show tonight as we'll be talking about how to transition into vaping.  I'll list the links to our pages at the end of this article.

Starter Kits for Mouth To Lung  (clicking the photo will take you to the product page)

We look forward to seeing you tonight in the live chat on YouTube.  As promised, here are the links to our Vaping Crimson pages.  Vaping Crimson Tees pick one up today  Facebook page for Vaping Crimson Girls  Vaping Crimson Blog

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