Monday, November 20, 2017

Vaping Could Save MILLIONS of Lives

And the vaping world gets great news from George Town University Medical Center and I wanted to share some of the findings from their research with our readers today!  Please note that this is taking from their findings, and you can read the entire research article by clicking on the link above.


"Up to 6.6 million cigarette smokers will live substantially longer if cigarette smoking is replaced by vaping over a ten-year period, calculates a research team led by investigators from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. In all, cigarette smokers who switch to e-cigarettes could live 86.7 million more years with policies that encourage cigarette smokers to switch completely to e-cigarettes."

This study encourages people smoking to switch to vaping electronic cigarettes to improve their health.  It gives two scenarios and in both pessimistic and optimistic they state “Even the gloomiest analysis shows a significant gain in years of life if nicotine is obtained from vaping instead of much more deadly amount of toxicants inhaled with cigarette smoke.”

The National Institutes of Health funded the study, which involved scientists from multiple universities and research groups. No industry funds were used. The models used in the study were developed by Levy and co-authors Rafael Meza, PhD, from the University of Michigan and Theodore R. Holford, PhD, from Yale University. 

This is a huge boon for the vaping industry as a whole, and I personally wanted to share my thoughts on the positive vibe of the research and say that the facts are coming in.  Vaping is the answer to the millions of deaths caused by combustible cigarettes, and no matter what spin the fake news puts on vaping, they can't deny it's inherently safer than smoking.  Those are facts.  Not one scientific study has been able to prove that vaping is not a better choice for smokers.  They've spread fear mongering by saying eliquids contain formaldehyde and antifreeze, both proven false!  Lying and saying vaping causes Popcorn lung which is a blatant lie and not one single case of Popcorn Lung has been found in a vaper (or for that matter a smoker which by the way contains 100% more diacetyl than eliquid for the record).  

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I've found no reasonable explanation for the attempt of politicians, and health organizations to be so against vaping when they don't have one shred of proof that it is more dangerous than smoking, outside of lining their pockets with Big Tobacco money or pharmaceutical products like nicotine patches and failed cessation tools.  Follow the money behind the biggest opposers to vaping and you'll see a link to big tobacco or pharmaceutical products that they are backing.  It really is that simple, folks.  They don't care if you die as long as they don't lose money or the agenda they are pushing.  Sadly that's a fact!

I encourage you to check out the background of EVERY single politician or healthcare orginization that is against vaping and find the real truth.  It's sickening how they would rather destroy vaping on their lies then admit the solution to the smoking epidemic is turning these smokers to vaping.  Look to see who is paying them off, who they are affiliated with and if you find someone not making a profit from lying about vaping, I dare you to share it here because you aren't going to find one!  That's a fact.

Let me add my own personal fact to this article.  Diagnosed with COPD (lung capacity of 68%) in January of 2015 after smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for 25+ years.  June 2017 after years of vaping my lung capacity is 96% and my health has significantly improved.  I have proof from pulmonary function tests to back that up.  Where is there proof that it harms you?  Good luck finding it because all they have are lies that are being debunked every day.  As my granny used to say, use your head for something other than a pin cushion!  In other words, RESEARCH and don't let the lies continue. 

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