Friday, June 29, 2018

Amongst the Fallen - Char'Lee VanPatten


Left by her family at the Rosebay Mental Asylum Kendel Abrams was labeled as insane. After being set free from the asylum years later, the demons and monsters that had always plagued her returned with a full force. Until HE appeared with the answers to questions that had been tormenting her since this nightmare began over seven years ago.

Rafe, an angel who volunteered to be thrown out of heaven with one-third of his kind, is indeed amongst the fallen. Risking his soul to be thrown into Hell for all eternity, he has spent his time on earth fighting not only the demons who were once his brothers and sister but the impulses of the human body he dwells in as well. Temptations that have become a thousand times harder to resist now that he has met his current assignment, one Kendel Abrams.

Who will survive as they wage into the war that rages among angles, demons, marked and watchers?

There is nothing better than getting lost in a world with characters you not only love but love to hate. Often times we wonder about choices we made in life. What would have happened if I had taken that offer? Or what would it be like if I could start over, without my past, where no one knows me? Then, of course, there is the wonder of what our lives would be like if we more exciting.

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