Monday, August 13, 2018

J.Q. Baldwin - variant

‘Superhero? Hardly. Humanitarian? I’m not.’

The chain he commands drags her slowly, inevitably back in with a deceiving promise, but, third generation Variant Delilah, simply wants to vanish among the throng of a decrepit civilization.

When a dangerous Variant abducts her sister, Delilah must decide if free will is more important than starving the bond he machined.

‘I recognised his fingerprints, they lingered so slowly. 
I didn’t reply to that whisper hiding in the dark. A whisper seething darkly.
He’d found me.’ 

An embroiling thriller/ futuristic Scifi /romance dominated by instincts, tangled relationships and a fight for independence.

Mature themes, not recommended for persons under the age of 18 years old.

J.Q.Baldwin is a qualified builder and accomplished author who enjoys physics and science-fiction. She has four children that cropped up rather quickly and a handsome, but rugged Irishman for a husband.
Her writing reflects her tangled hypothesis on deep social, geopolitical and environmental futures based on our current choices.

She would encourage everyone to visit her web pages/FB/Twitter She loves a good chat!

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