Thursday, September 20, 2018

Launching Your Romance Book to Bestseller

Let me start off today by saying I’m not selling anything.  I’m not here to take your money, because I think you should save it and put it where it’s going to work.  Take this advice and use it or don’t.  With that out of the way, you should know upfront, it’s going to cost money.  I wish I could sprinkle fairytale glitter all over the book marketing world and show you how to do it for free, but I live in the real world.  Before you consider the launch plan below make sure you have the following in place or you’re wasting money and time.

A professional book cover, a book that has been edited, and a synopsis (blurb) that catches attention without giving away the entire plot.  Done with that?  Great.  So, here’s what I KNOW works to launch a new book.

Day One:  Bargain Booksy.  it’s going to cost you between $70-160 depending on which romance ad you’ll use for the specific trope of your romance book.

Day Two: Ereader NewsToday (ENT): Depending on the price of your book you’ll pay either $60 (book price $2.99 or below) or $150 (book priced above $2.99)

Day Three:  Red Feather Romance: Book with Red Feather Romance  $100

Day Four:  Bookbub Feature:  (The Holy Grail) From $299 to $814 depending again on your romance category.  It’s almost impossible to get but if you do it’s like winning the book marketing lottery so I suggest keep trying until you do get one.   

If you’re paying the top tier for those combined promotions, it’s around $1200.  You’ll notice I didn’t say anything about Facebook or AMS ads.  Why?  Because unless you know what you’re doing it’s a waste of time and money.  I’m also not recommending you go out and take all kinds of classes to learn those because your money would be better spent doing the above promotions that have already been proven to work.  Another note on those pay me to learn how to sell your book classes, remember they are selling those classes to make money and good for them.  That being said, if you decide to go that route, make sure they are actually helping people sell books before throwing your hard-earned money to the wind.  Personally?  I’d take my $1200 and follow the four-day lineup above.  But, it’s your money.

That’s my advice.  Yes, it’s costly, but your book is a business and to give it every possible chance of succeeding you need to treat it like one.  You’ll also notice I didn’t mention newsletter swaps, giving away a book for free, or spamming facebook groups with your new book advertisement.  Why?  Because while it MIGHT work (except the Facebook spamming), I’d rather spend my time and focus on what has been proven over and over again to work!

It’s not cheap, and I wish again I had some free way that accomplished your end goal, but it’s reality.  The payoff is, once you’ve done this, you’ll have the money in reserve that you earned from the previous book to do it again.  A few little things I would have in place (if you don’t already) A newsletter that you can put in the back of your book with a link to direct people too (you’ll want to send out notices of your next book release to people that purchase).  A Facebook page, again it should be in the back of your book, so people can find you there.  A blog or website, even if this is your first book.   That’s my advice.  Like I said before, take it or leave it. 

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