Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Daughter, USAF Soldier

My beautiful daughter, Kayla, leaves for Basic Military Training (BMT) for the United States Airforces on February 19.2019.  Our hearts are filled with pride (and yes as a mom worry) and we're so very proud of her for choosing to protect this beautiful country we live in.  She'll spend 8 Weeks in Texas, and then continue her training in The Ozarks.  I've created a Facebook group to help support my daughter as she transitions into a life of service to her country and we'd love to have you join us:

Kayla Schrader BMT USAF
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My daughter has always had strong morals and believes in serving others.  For the last three years, she's worked as a pharmacy technician, and we know the incredible folks at the pharmacy will miss her almost as much as we do.  I can't imagine a house without her laughter filling it every single day, to me she'll always be my little girl, and so it's taking a little getting used to the idea that she's ready to spread her wings and fly while serving a higher purpose.  I ask for your prayers as my baby girl walks the path she's decided on.  God Bless You!

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