Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Infanticide - When Does A Mother's Right End?

Should Abortion After 2nd Trimester Be Legal?

No. There is no reason to abort in the 3rd trimester.
Yes. There should be no time limit on the availability of abortion.
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Yesterday I talked about how America was changing, and not for the better, and this was one of those reasons I gave.  When women can abort a child in the last trimester of pregnancy, or even not save that baby when it comes out alive, we've got a huge problem in this country.  I don't care which side of the abortion issue you stand on, murdering a baby that can live outside the womb is infanticide.  

We are travelling down a very dark road in our history when we find it acceptable to murder a baby that can live outside the womb.  What's next?  Killing the elderly or those with mental handicaps.  I refuse to believe that a person of sound mind can look at this and not see something is very wrong with this path we're walking down.  Today I'm going to discuss my opinions, and encourage you to research for the truth.  As always, I have my comments open, so please feel free to share even if it's against what I believe.  Freedom of speech, always!

Before we get into my opinions, I want to state some facts.  The University of Vermont has stated there are two ways to perform a last trimester abortion.   "Intact Dilation and Extraction (partial birth) removes the fetus from the uterus through the vaginal canal and creates a suction to remove the brain and spinal fluid from the skull.  Dilation and Extraction (D&X) is another late-term method. The Doctor dismembers the fetal part that has been brought out of the vagina and removes it. The rest of the fetus remains in the uterus while dismemberment occurs."

We learn from the Charlotte Lozier Institute that "unborn babies can experience pain at 20 weeks gestational age (20 weeks LMP, since Last Menstrual Period, the fetal age estimate used by most obstetricians) or earlier."  Aside from any moral issue you might have on this subject, the knowledge that this baby can feel pain, should automatically tell you that late term abortion is not ethical.  We put down our animals without pain, but these unborn babies must suffer?

On the moral issue, a baby that can live outside the womb should no longer be considered a "fetus" because it doesn't need the mother to survive.  The rights of the mother end once the baby can survive without her.  I'm not going to debate the moral issue of whether abortion is right or wrong at any time, because that debate has been going on for years without any consequence.  I will however argue all day (and night) about the rights of a baby that can live outside the womb and how wrong it is to butcher them like unwanted trash.  

There is right and there is wrong, and to me the only right way to go is demand that late term abortion is not only illegal but criminal.  Someone has to fight for those that can't fight for themselves, so I hope you join in and champion these innocent babies ending up on the chopping block because a woman has decided she has more rights than an innocent child who can't beg for their life.

Michelle Hughes

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